Toodles Cthulhu Boards now available at Lizard Lick!


Just to let everybody know, Toodles has entrusted us with his Cthulhu PS3/PC boards, they are now live on the website:




Oooh this is tempting for next time I get a stick. Thanks :tup: to Toodles.


AWESOME! now i can order everything from one location. you will be seeing my order soon


Guess I had better subscribe here :slight_smile:
If anyone has any questions about the board, the best place to ask is in the original thread here:


Wow. Neat…!


very nice…

too bad i just got a ps3 pad for a custom stick im building…

i hope you dont run out fast cause im gonna buy 1 or more for sure


so is this a pcb?


Yes. A bit easier to work with than pad hacking if you don’t like/can’t solder or are new to modding like me. More upgradeable too–in the near future. Toodles designed it and there are a few threads with more specifics.


Ooh I will definitely pick up one of these in a bit.


Holy shit man, i have to get one of this PCB’s. Good stuff man.