Toodles Cthulhu vs Dual Strike v3

I just find in this interface, and I wonder what is the difference respect Toodles Cthulhu PC/PS3.

Here is the link:

(I don’t understand everything in English)
Could anyone explain it as simply as posible?

Toodles Cthlhu
Comes in PS3/PC USB or Multi Console
Built with Consoles in mind
uses Game controller HID drivers for plug and play PC use (includes macs)
Has multiple spots to attach system cable

1 version
PS3, PC (and Mac) support and Original Xbox USB only.
Has Keyboard mode for MAME (and other emulators)

Adding to what Darksakul has said above:

PS3 Cthulhu does not auto-detect. You will need to hook up either a DPDT switch or an IMP board if wanting PS3 & 360 to share the same USB cable.

All Dual Strike boards (including SMD and TEasy Strike versions) will auto-detect.

I don’t want to use it in any different to a PC (Win7) so i don’t care about xbox360 and ps3 compatibility.

If you only want PC, the DualStrike does keyboard encoding while the Cthulhu does not. To the best of my knowledge, the rest of the PC features are comparable if not identical. If the extra cost is worth the keyboard encoding feature, go with the DualStrike.

The problem is getting a DS to work with Win7…

But in Dual Strike Firmware update 3.3 says:
“Works as a game controller on PCs with an operating system supporting HID-compatible USB devices (including Windows 7/Vista/XP/2K/98, Mac OSX and Linux)”

Have you got any problems with Dual Strike in Win7? Now im worried about it.

The extra cost is not extra cost in my case due to the shipment. The shop who has all items I want to buy doesn’t sell Cthulhu boards.

I have not been able to get a DS board to work on Win7 when tried on 3 different laptops and desktops. Not to say it won’t work on any of yours… just my experience to date.

Your board was DS v3 with firmware 3.3?
The blue one, like this


I have a batch of DS boards with ATMEGA16 chips, so I do not know about this version.

Unfortunately I cannot flash the firmware if the PC isn’t recognising it properly.

This is the answer from about the compatibility of DS3
"Yes pnp on win7 plus latest Version. Firmware is upgradable for coming version."

So I decided to buy this one.
Thanks for your answers.

I can confirm it works well on Win 7. I just put a Dual Strike into a my stick a 2 weeks ago or so and it works just fine on Windows 7 (64bit). I did not have to update firmware or anything, just plug and play.