Toodles fgwidget ground Confusion

Okay so I’m gonna be attempting the led mod soon to my te and have been researching how to do so while I wait for the parts. For anyone interested this seems to be the best link I’ve found so far as its pretty straightforward.

Although I’m confused on the bit about ground. You see my te is stock no Cthulu or chimps or anything, and often in examples people just use those in the mix I cannot. It would seem power/vcc is going to where the red wire is coming out on the board by the USB and then into the fgwidget. A separate thread mentions a strip with a 5v next to it for both power and ground but I’m trying. It to mix to many threads since everyone seems to be doing this part different. Anyways the first two solder points on the widget are vcc and ground.

In this particular thread ( the link I posted ) their is a diagram showing grind from all the buttons to the ground on the widget. The original poster said he did this instead of using terminal block but it sounded like maybe he also did the ground by the USB I’m not sure I wasn’t clear on how it was written.

In the same thread another poster just said to use the terminal block… So should the grounds from the knserts go to the terminal block AND the widget AND/OR the USB block? Or simply to a single spot?
With so many people doing it different ways I am unclear on how to do it with my stock board.

Forgive my ignorance I don’t really know a lot about this stuff and am actually going to have a friend walk me through it. I’m guessing he will understand all this easy but I’d like to be armed with all the information in case he has any questions. He is experienced with electronics and solder but probably not joysticks. I think toodles mentioned ground is ground is grounds and that seems pretty straightforward but I’m just trying to dot my i’s and cross my t’s :slight_smile:

Ground is Ground is Ground.
You can use any in your TE.

USB? Yes.
Joystick? Yes.
Buttons? Yes.
Distribution Block? Yes.

Connect FGWidget LED to a Ground.
Connect KNsert to Ground, individually or chained.

Ground is Ground is Ground.
Use all, use some, share some, share all.

Why did you not make this in your previous Thread?

Your totally right about the thread thing must have been some cognative dissonace. Sorry I Only slept a couple hours last night because of my job I’m not sure what I was thinking I’ll absolutely keep it in one thread thanks again.