Tool assisted combo videos


Wanted to give one of these a try and i was wondering how exactly it is “tool assisted” i know they program stuff to input at exact frames using frame data and such, and im sure they use a controller.

Here is my question.

Is there a way to do a TaCV on the XBOX without dropping a whole bunch of cash on a programmable controller? is there a way i could hook a keyboard to it or something?


Well the “Tool” part of the whole “Tool Assisted Combo Video” deal comes from the programmable controller. You can’t have a TACV without the T now can we?


Even if you hooked a keyboard up to the 360, what exactly would that get you?


You could build a typing robot to type in the commands with frame-by-frame accuracy.


Off course, that would probably cost more than getting a programmable controller.


But it would be at least 6 times as cool


Only if he uses a Nintendo R.O.B. as a base.


You just nostalgia bombed me


If you dont want to buy the tool, you can always try to make the tool.


well since it seems that programmable is the only route to go, where can i find some at? i did a search and all i could come up with was regular 360 controllers.


if you have SFIV or whatever fighting game for PC you can always use AutoIT v3 to program your key inputs. awesome program btw for anything that requires repitition