Tool assisted training


Last video footage.


warm up, it’s coming…


so kinda similar to combotrainer?


Estimated Date? Been watching this for a while but not many updates.


Isn’t Combotrainer a combo “player” at the end ?
Mashing Mashine the buddy you don’t have by your side. Not really similar.

Fixing bugs for some controller, modded controller, and adjusting the features for the average needs with testers. If you have a xbox type controller or modded one, and want to help testing. Contact me on twitter asap.


I meant more software to help you train, I’ve not go it up and running yet, but combo trainer is more for helping you learn your combos etc


indeed it’s intended to highly hence your training options when you’re alone. But far from just training combos. It helps training footsies, punishes, frame traps, setups, with or without predefined response from the opponent.


It would awesome if this were applicable outside of SSFIV


As with the hitbox viewer, if this can happen on KOF13 and/or 3S GGPO I’ll love you forever*.

*love provided of the platonic kind, not the creepy stuff.


guyz, this is an analogic app as stated before for the Okizeme trainer. The code doesn’t touch anything inside the game you use. It just push buttons and directions in planned orders. Just like a human being would. Magic of prehistoric code, it’s universal compatible. There’s drawbacks of course like not being able to know what side to start off. But this isn’t very relevant for the training involved. I’m not coding an AI, just a more advanced sparing partner that can do complex stuff timed right to mimic what opponents do and you need to train against. So the only thing needed to make the app good for Mortal comba / kof / lemmings / candy crush… is the predefined move pattern I need to write to be selectable in the lists, Srk, qcf, specials, ultras… Version for new games can be done withing hours. And there’s a feature for custom made move to come a little after, meaning even if I forgot a move you can add it yourself.



I look forward to its release :slight_smile:


If you have solid understanding of your character’s tools, you can help me by posting your char’s main pressure string. If your char have this game style. To save my time for 38 other chars I will need to research on.
Like : Rose far slide xx HK spiral xx hk spiral
Or : Dictator cr.LK cr.LK cr.MK xx LK scissor
No matter if block string or not, usually not at all as you fish for CH. But Have to be popular pattern. So I can implement those patterns as a training session you can play against.


Update : new name, new video.
Improvements have been done, and tests not finished yet.
Don’t want to release something that isn’t bullet proof.


i can give you a hand with this

Chun:, cr.lp, xx kiko (usually mp, i do use hp tho)
Chun: x 3~4, sweep
Chun: cr.lp x 1~2, cr.hp xx Hk Legs
Chun: cr.lp, xx mk/hk Hazanshu, cr.lp, xx Kiko
Chun: cr.hp xx Hk Legs, cr.lp or throw
Chun:, cr.lp,,
Chun: cr.lp x1~2,,


Nice, I’ll select 1 or 2 and put them on the list.


While I’m waiting after testers feedback, (keyboard players mostly) and this is taking ages, I wonder why, I got a new idea I can add as a side feature.

Learn the distance you can safely jump over a fireball/move.
This would be as simple as registering your HK button (if you jump HK over the fireball) and as the App will instant SRK everytime you hit HK if the opponent recovered you’ll eat a SRK if not you hit him. The Training lesson would be you vs the dummy randomly moving left right a step throwing a fireball/move in loop.
Basic mechanic but will do the job perfectly.
In fact the Footsy mode already do that walk loop with a move, I just have to add the way to make the dummy stop his loop and react to your predefined button to counter attack.

Would this be good enough for beginners and advanced player ?
On the same idea more can be done for other type of “usually learned through experience” knowledge.


if the dummy could randomly throw a before or after the fireball would be even more awesome

itoh gouki and viper set ups to work on defense could be useful dunno if possible for your tool tho


If you still need pressure strings I can provide some for a few characters, let me know.


indeed Veserius, and that blanka shenanigans too. Online gimmick or not, everyone have to learn to counter everything possible.