Tools Used To Remove Mounting Nut On Yenox

Hey guys.

Just got in all my parts from LizardLick, including 2 Yenox P1 & P2 buttons.

This is going to be my first time modding, and call me naive/stupid/oblivious, but what tool(s) do I use to take off the mounting nut on the Yenox player 1 & 2 buttons, so I can pop the buttons back in and then screw it on? I’m ASSUMING I unscrew the switch from the button, but I can’t even tell if they’re screws in there…

Hope I made some sense, and thanks in advance for the help!

Oh, and I love how these buttons are “accidental push” resistant =] How come more custom sticks don’t use this brand??? Are Happs P1/P2 buttons simply better quality…?

You simply take the microswitch off by twisting and turning a little, and then unscrew the button using your hands. Then push the button into the panel, screw the nut back on and then lastly put the microswitch into the button.

Happs are technically better quality, despite being just Player buttons and not actually mattering, but whatever. It’s got to do with, A. The name/good brand and B. The arcade quality, again even though it’s just a P1/P2 button.

Ah okay, I know nothing of the buttons and how the microswitch is attached, I was afraid I’d break it by trying to pull that thing off.

Thanks I’ll give it a shot =]

EDIT: AH okay I see, it’s just held together with the little plastic tabs holding the microswitch up. I thought it was a small screw of sorts. I feel smart now, ha ha.

happ also use cherry micro’s, which require little force to press down.
the ones that yenox use are significantly harder, and require a bit more force to push the button.

But that’s the thing. Since Yenox switches need more force to press, they’re perfect for Start/Select buttons, especially if they’re on the face, since that makes them very mash-resistant.

That’s what’s in for Start/Select on my SI SF4 stick, and when I figured it out, I loved it.

Still, and this has become my stick mantra, it’s a matter of preference, and would only list the pros and cons for anyone interested in them, and let that person make their own mind up.