TooManyGames Convention - May 4th in Reading, PA

Heya, folks!

Can’t believe I missed posting info on the show on Shoryuken!

I know it’s kinda short notice, but this Sunday, May 4th is TooManyGames, the east coast gaming expo. Our 2008 show is one day packed full of gaming awesomeness! Our headlining event is the first Guitar Hero National Championships, sponsored by Nyko, Jolt, and RedOctane. It’s the first major gaming event that Twin Galaxies has sanctioned to take Guitar Hero scores for the book of video game world records!

We also have tons of other tournaments lined up, a charity Halo 2 tournament to support multiple sclerosis research, a Halo 3 tournament, Call of Duty 4, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Super Smash Bros Melee, Super Mario Kart, Warlords for Atari 2600, one of our vendors will be bringing Neo Geos and JAMMA boards for fighter tournaments too (unfortunately I don’t think I have a finalized list of what he’s bringing).

If you live anywhere on the east coast you should definitely stop out for the day and have a great time with some other gamers! Check out our website at - it’s got all the info you’ll need on the show, and if you need to know something that isn’t listed there then just drop me a message here or shoot me an e-mail!