Toonami Aftermath

My boys on facebook just put me on to this man. Toonami Aftermath is a new site that is running 24/7 and is showing the toonami programming schedule. It’s pretty sweet man. It brings back a lot of memories. You guys should check it out.

Stay Gold…

Toonami Aftermath |

Suddenly got the urge to watch ronin warriors again lol.

Perfection. Gonna watch dat tenchi muyo and maybe gay it up with Sailor Moon. No homo.

edit: oh god they got fuckin LUPIN on there. Lupin was my shizzzzzz!!

Wow…so many good memories on the best thing CN ever did. A lot of good crap here. Kind of surprised to see no IGPX, as it was created solely for Toonami and was pretty good, bringing in the heavy hitters and all.

Toonami, that was my childhood. Remember sneaking downstairs to see the finales for Gundam. But damn, look, freaking Batman:TAS and Beyond. Good ole Samurai Jack, 4 different Gundams, and G1 Transformers to name a few? Old school DB and DBZ with none of that crap Nicktoons editing…I think I found a new favorite site.

Wow this shit is god like, already book marked the page.

Gold mine! Ya gadlike Zeon.

god damn this is some good shit. just finished watching animaniacs. the goodfeathers were my favorite of the bunch.

Wow, is this even legal?

I fucking hope so because this is god damn amazing.

I really want my rep button back…man tears

I actually have a lot of these shows on the comp, but this is much better. It’s like hearing a decent song on the radio. You get hype because you didn’t pick it.

Good shit.

Sweet lineup, but no Real Adventures of Jonny Quest :frowning:

yooooooooooo, they’re showing batman: TAS now. yoooooooooo this c hannel…

Oh SHIT! They have the mixtape with the song sampled in the “[media=youtube]CIHhr0S0dAU”[/media]" promo vid!

i just watched jonny. patience.
was in a fishhead mascot suit. lol that was a good show

The gold 'o days, man i miss em…

props to you zeon, hellva find

Zeon, great fucking look.

I hope they expand the lineup and switch it up every now and again.

True Shit Never Dies!!!

Bookmarked, that being said I wonder how long this will last. Hopefully it will set a precedent for sites like it because I’m getting sick and tired with the bullshit they air on TV nowadays

I love you.

You are awesome Zeon :tup:

Eh, it’s okay…I still prefer…cuz you get to, you know, actually watch/download stuff.