Toothpaste tiers?

I’m looking to get some new toothpaste. I use Colgate w/ baking soda and it’s okay. I get it from the dollar store.

SRK seems to be a community of gentlemen that prefer the finer things in life. So I thought I would ask you guys, since GD is quite accurate with tiering.

My picks for favorite toothpaste


corsodyl toothpaste

Avoid fluoride based toothpastes, you have been lied to.

I’m not gonna answer any questions just do a quick search on google or youtube for answers…

my local supermarkets only stock floride toothpaste. whats the worst a little fluoride can do anyway?

like a man, I use coal to clean my teeth


Gel or Paste? That is the question

Default blue crest is yummy imo.

bah toothpaste?? a swipe of whiskey and you’re set

bubblegum flavor is s tier

I enjoy using the Prohealth Crest but I only like the expensive stuff cause I get it for free.

I’m interested into hearing why you are anti-fluoride.


I think a toothbrush has more to do with this stuff…
-Use a good one, the electric/battery ones are awesome


Foods and water already have enough Fluoride in them. For tooth paste, just about any tooth paste will do. The physical act of brushing your teeth contributes to a majority of the cleaning while the paste is for replenishing your apatite crystals. Flossing is also important.

Tier list:

What the hell Sarangha.

Try living in a country that doesn’t believe in fluoride or fluoridated tap for dental health, and getting to know a toddler whose teeth goes from white to piano black. Then get at me.

I use stannous fluoride toothpaste.

So there is a clinical relevancy to having an over ingestion of fluoride which does lead to Fluorosis. However, this happens only in one of two cases where either the city messes up their ratio(should be 1 parts per million of fluoride to water) or if you get your water supply from a well and you are not aware of how much fluoride is leaking into your water supply(which is what happened in Utah). The thing that’s most upsetting about links that people will always post is that they have no actual links to scientific journals or studies. Those links just show the effects of too much fluoride.

However, topical fluoride or even regularly ingested fluoride has been proven to decrease the permeability of enamel. It does this by replacing the hydroxyl groups in your Hydroxyapatite crystals(what makes up your enamel) thus forming more hydrogen bonds which increases the strength.
Those are just a few evidence based dentistry studies that supports the use of fluoride.

Quite honestly, it doesn’t make a difference to me. I am ethically obligated to inform you that fluoride is good in caries prevention because there’s studies that support it. However, you are free to exercise your autonomy. If people and their children want to avoid fluoride like the plague then that’s more caries for me to fill.

I recommend Sonicare, at least the flexcare+ one.

No scientific junk, just a bias because I have both the Oral B and Sonicare… Sonicare feels better lol They’re both good though.

I’ve got an Oral B electric toothbrush, and it does the job fine. Sonicare is pretty damned good, though.

That said, using electric toothbrushes that warn you if you’re brushing too hard is the best thing for tooth health. Gotta save that enamel.

I use that one toothbrush that has white bristles. I use that one toothpaste that comes in a tube. Ive never had a cavity.