Top 10 Amazing Chemical Reactions

Kind of nerdy, I know, but what do you think?

Magnets are so simple but totally amazing. Its a wonderful reminder of unseen forces and their very powerful effects.

I know that was somewhat off topic, but the one made me think about it.

I also hate to be the guy to say this, but this should probably be in the video section.

pretty cool, thanks for sharing. :tup:

i’d like to try the one with the thick voice sometime haha

#6 was dope

After watching the first 9 I was expecting #1 to be a but more …spectacular? It was pretty cool but I was expecting an explosion or something.

I enjoyed that, thanks for sharing!

As a Chem major, this brought back memories. The non-magnetic stuff is indeed Gen Chem or Analytical Chem stuff and the more colorful or luminous ones are used in fireworks.

Sodium metal is indeed dangerous and reactive; iirc it’s immersed in alcohol when stored to prevent exposure to air moisture (which would be enough to cause a reaction). In this tropical country, anyway.

Many thanks for sharing, I’ll probably email this to colleagues.

I liked the chlorate and candy reaction.

I used to do research in a lab where we’d perform experiments similar to vids #5 and #6. The reactions are very similar to how Gushers or any other kind of candy with a filling in the middle is made.

CRazy ass universe we live in.

the super fluid was crazy

#10 immediately made me think of a bong. On to watching the others!