Top 10 Easy Jobs that pay


Ok heres what we do, we rank jobs that an average man/woman can do in order of how how much they pay and the diffuculty of the work.


  1. It has to be a job that an average man can do (No hurr durr Sports stars anwers)
  2. If the job is obsucre post some sort link/proof
  3. Do it in $US per year format

Here is the list I’ll edit as we go along:

  1. Raffle
  2. Midway Tester
  3. Politician
  4. IT Guy
  5. Bartender
  6. Stripper


strippers make like $300 a day


Why work when you can raffle?


Probably more. I make 300 in tips a day bartending, easy. I imagine a good stripper makes a lot more than that.


Sports Stars


I knew the second I typed this it would one the first few answers.


hi im justing wang wanna enter my raffle


Girls can do you know what I mean.
Men can pick up trash, it’s not a good-look but it pays well.


IT. I make 25k a year resetting email passwords while calling you assholes on the internet.


You are not jwanggggg, that guy plays Oro not Vegas!

This time the word fraud has a meaning, but I won’t use it beyond pointing it out.

Parade or the other Newspaper Supplement pack in magazine had the ol Salaries in America cover before. Writer lowly 17k, truck driver 70k, pharmacist 70k both with room to grow from there with workload or base salary. Couple 100k’s wouldn’t expect forgot, it was an old magazine. Though they probably do it every year. Might get lots of reads during those Recession years.


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What stripper? male or female.

Entrepreneur? ideas that work and the public needs
Education from the get go
Celebrities/reality show, Dating (marry a rich bitch), Entertainment (music and shit), Fitness, Gaming, Sports, Travel(photographer etc).
Working for someone rich lol ass kissing
Hotel Concierge
Coffee shop
and the list goes on, no job is easy if you have to work 5 times a week or more. lol


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I would have to say senator/house of rep member. Get paid a bunch by lobbyists and just do whatever your other party members are doing. Don’t have to really make bills since you could always make a half ass bill and have it get killed/not discussed to look like you’re doing something. Even when they discuss those half ass bills/joke bills you make it’s well within the rules.


Tester at Midway before they closed down. If you don’t know how easy of a job this was you should look at MKvsDC.


Man, I wanna be a bartender! Why must I look so ugly!!!