Top 10 Favorite Fighting game videos

Im bored , so I figured why not have ppl round up their favorite vids and such. Maybe I\we will find something new and enjoyable.

  1. 3s - Daigo vs Jwong Evo 2k4 [media=youtube]YnEWSO6NrQo[/media]
  2. ST - Daigo vs Alex Valle [media=youtube]jx_A-AClCIQ[/media]
  3. 3s - Umezono vs Hayao [media=youtube]4F0Xc0vZvfE[/media]
  4. ST - Muteki vs Gian [media=youtube]GSBTLTEzPC4[/media]
  5. ST - Joe Zazza vs Daigo Not on the web atm :sad:
  6. 3s - Deshiken vs " random " [media=youtube]FRm2WwVT9Lg[/media]
  7. 3s - Ohnuki vs Alex Valle [media=youtube]Q1UohYZkfNQ[/media]
  8. ST - Choi vs Daigo [media=youtube]VnG-OBPYa2I[/media]
  9. 3s - K.O vs Daigo Evo 2k3 [media=youtube]ad_0lfWpjBk[/media]
    10.3s - K.O vs Ruu [media=youtube]XhOAo7U3hws[/media]

Not really versatile I know , but these are the only games I somewhat play so…

  1. First vid I ever saw of 3s. And Ive learned to appreciate more and more as I understood what is actually going on :rolleyes:
  2. Such a close fight. Classic!
  3. Hayaos parry into Gigas gives me slight erection! ( and thats about as good as it gets…no homo… )
  4. Two WALLS go against eachother. Makes my jaw drop for 8 solid minutes.
  5. Joe Zazza makes Daigo`s Ryu look useless :wow:
  6. Deshiken , most technical Ken I know of.
  7. Round one - Parry ex fireball into SA2 , round 2 - triple parry into HP.
  8. Daigo`s rushdown Rog at its best. Still makes me go wow :rock:
  9. Has some of the best 3s matches ever.
  10. K.O`s crazy Makoto makes me laugh .

Ok , thats it for me , im outta here.

No MvC2 love eh? :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s anywhere online, but Choi vs. Valle during the A2 finals at B3 is a nailbiter. Not to mention Choi vs. Valle in the A3 finals at B4, which is also damn good.

Incidentally, keeping track of these matches is a good way to learn how to count.

Yeah seriously, I don’t often get hyped watching matches at home or anything but that was a serious “OH SHIT!!” moment on the last match. You can feel the tension after Valle gets hit by that ducking fierce from Choi. I haven’t watched that vid in forever and I still clearly remember the last match of it.

  1. saita combo vid

And a couple of my other favourited matches. Some XI, DR, and 3S action.


Nice coincidence , I watched that vid less than 24 hours ago , and YES , the tension was sick. One of the reasons I didnt post it was that I only saw it once , and that it isnt on youtube.

Afaik it can only be found on

Cryptlord : The Saita Combo thing was insane . Programmed pad? Anyways , there was a bunch of stuff I hadnt seen there.
KF XI ive never really seen before , is that like THE comeback game? Or was that guy just sick?
Necro vs Urien vid is a classic. Urien with the crazy parry and then dies…almost feel sad for him.
And DEFO some crazy yun action in those vids!

I don’t even use Urien, but anything Messastu Yarou.

Here are some of my favs**

Kof XI Ahiru vs Morote**

-really intense match
Kof 2k2 Mai/Maxima/Athena vs Ralf/Billy/Clark**

-the end makes me laugh

HSF2 tomi jei vs chin

  • My favorite deejay
    Acho 5on5

  • too good akuma playing

That was some crazy Remy shit

And, Umezono vs Hayao is my favorite 3s moment. Ever.

In no particular order because I haven’t sat down and thought about it:

-SBO3 CFJ: Daigo vs. Chikyuu
-SBO3 3S: Kuroda vs. JWong
-SBO3 3S: Hayao vs. KO
-T6 MvC2 5-on-5: ATM Spidertao vs. Sanford Kelly
-SBO2 CvS2: Mago vs. Kichinii (OCV)
-Random 3S: Sugiyama vs. Ushi (SS++ Double Perfect)
-Evo 2k5 CvS2: Combofiend vs. Tokido
-Evo 2k5 CvS2: Combofiend vs. Knit
-T7 3S: JWong vs. Ack
-T7 3S: JWong vs. Burton

This is all I can name for now.

Keep posting people! Thanks!

Is 880 really hayao or is it because he uses blue hugo?

tag for later viewing.

I have so many videos from SBO I could post…but apparently posting them results in a ban.

kof2002 japan vs taiwan full set of matches

Oh right, I should definitely post one of the biggest ones there:

Kof2k2 Japan vs. Taiwan

Esteban vs. Khannibal:




[media=youtube]8LtTDtbbVjc[/media] (too bad I don’t have the full match)

Never End Volume 3 (Kof2k2 combo video):
Part1: [media=youtube]iYl2b49xxAU[/media] (contains about 4 minutes of introductions)
Part2: [media=youtube]gEOZhE89iLE[/media]
Part3: [media=youtube]n1OApK0tc3Q[/media]

GGXX:Slash Susumu(Chipp) vs. Ogawa(Eddie) GGigs:

GGXX:#R Ogawa(Eddie) vs. FAB(Potemkin Ggigs Final:
[media=youtube]33v-i2BWnFw[/media] (probably the best match I’ve ever seen)

Edit: This Japan vs. Taiwan match is also quite good…although those not familiar with the game won’t understand why those Kim cancels are a big deal.


That Daigo/Valle ST match is great. Some really angry person left a rant in the comments section, weird… And when will YouTube commenters learn to not post spoilers…?

B3 Alpha 2 Stuff is here:
And yes, Choi vs Valle was fucking bananas.

A3- Cody/Ryu vs Gen/Sagat [media=youtube]U76Pp0I2X4k[/media] Mostly for Ryu vs Sagat.

A3- Onisura (Akuma) vs Daigo (Ryu) [media=youtube]7iW3MbhG2tE[/media]
So much clutch.

ST- Muteki Guile vs Kurahashi (Guile vs Guile)
Just fucking tight. I don’t even play Guile or ST. It makes no difference. Search YouTube.

MvC2- I don’t know if it’s around anywhere, but it’s an old vid of Duc vs Valle from an SHGL tournament, with Valle playing Strider/Doom/CapCom. I haven’t seen it in years, but I remember the file name was Duc_vs_Valle_3o7.asf or something like that. One of ShinJN’s videos, from back when SRK used to regularly host game vids.

MvC2- Viscant vs Ricky Ortiz from one of the old Midwest Championship tournaments. There was a match, I think it was game #4 of their set, where you could literally see Viscant’s soul die. Another vid I haven’t seen in years, but IIRC there was a rather audible “WHAT THE FUCK!!?” coming from Viscant, probably after a Dr.Doom c.FP that didn’t quite work out the way it was planned to.

MvC2- Duc vs Sanford money match from Evo 2k6.
You really felt like you were seeing not only Duc at the top of his game, but it was, for me personally, the most it ever seemed like you were seeing MvC2 characters played at their maximum potential, especially Spiral. In the end you could watch the vid and point out some assist infinite that Spiral missed, or how when Sanford played Cable it wasn’t as good as Duc’s (mid-HSF AHVB FTW), so if you’re speaking literally it wasn’t an “all things being equal” match, but it was real fucking close. I was able to see the match as it happened in person, since I made it to Evo last year, so that of course makes it 3x better.

A3- Chikyuu vs Apoc from the US vs Japan 5-on-5 from Evo2k2.
(a fair amount of Evo DVD stuff on YouTube :confused: )


Excellent matches, thank you all. Good thread.

Prodigal Son vs. Qudans-TTT

Very interesting tournament match from evo2k2

3s: Justin Wong (CH) vs. Tokido (UR)