Top 10 Favorite Fighting game videos

Urien (Messatsu) Vs. Necro (Sugiyama)

I also have to mention that 200 Won’s Anna Williams in T5:DR is fun to watch.

In no particular order really, but their all MvC2 matches:

Justin Wong vs. Xecutioner- The whole 1 pixel Cable comeback


Mike Z vs. ???- Funniest rape I’ve ever seen


Duc vs. Sanford- Most hyped shit ever


Darkprince vs. Clockwork- Greatest Strider play in history,I love it :lovin:


Empire Arcadia vs. Canada- Canada can play? Wowzers :wow:


Anakaris Curse vs. Marvin- Anakaris snapout infinite is golden


Soomighty vs. Justin Wong- Unnecessary amount of snapouts


Dark Prince vs. Infinite- DP gets perfected, this is 1000x funnier after the recent events that have happened(only watch 1st match)


Preppy vs. THESEEJAY- 1st match: apparently Cable can AHVB through magnetic Tempest now, 2nd match: where did psylocke go?


Justin Wong vs. Yipes- Stupid comeback :razzy:


Well thats 10 so I guess I’ll stop right here… Oh wait, how could I forget this vid:


Best Perfect/Comeback/Rape evar!!!11!!!1!

Peter Griffin
1- [media=youtube]2pkynTqDPak[/media]

Peter Griffin MvC vs. Sakura PotS
2- [media=youtube]QFI72hn8kPw[/media]

La caida de Edgar version Street Fighter
3- [media=youtube]gEIQKaqunYk[/media]

Real life Street fighter fight
4- [media=youtube]Hhsu_J5G04M[/media]

street fighter - daigo vs justin or steve vs julie?
5- [media=youtube]2ADiiggvmxw[/media]

Street Fighter: The Later Years - Part II
6- [media=youtube]qyx4nETMVfc[/media]

Ryu vs Scorpion
7- [media=youtube]kzkfsqL908c[/media]

Ken vs Raiden
8- [media=youtube]1F21nWQ4WpE[/media]

How come no mentioned, Kurahashi vs john choi at ST in the US vs Japan exhibition. Legendary match.


Mine is the KOF 98 KOF CHINA video.
As far as match vids, Messatsu vids are my favorite.

gotta love that Back + Fierce Chun:lol:

Damn that clip is overrated

The Jwong vs. Tokido 3s clip from Evo2k2 was definitely hot though. I also liked the Evo2k2 CvS2 finals with Ino’s K groove Cammy/Sagat/Blanka. I play that team in dedication to him

/corny sentimental speech off

PS: Seeing Tokido switch from Urien to Chun-li was a saddening day.

How so? You’re just saying that because you’ve seen it so much, and it’s lost it’s amazing factor in your eyes.


heres a cool video of dakou annihilating some guy

Watch japanese 3s vids. You see that shit everyday (amazing parry comebacks) I just hate it when people say they got into 3s just because of the Daigo clip. Now you have 8,000 daigo fanboys that came out of the woodwork.

/end rant

Why would you be tired of it? I didn’t care about 3S until I saw that vid also. Anyways, it still means more comp, which is better for the community.

That guys poke spacing is amazing. Some of those push away pressures are great. I love how he uses Kyo’s fwdB to end a series of pressures, spacing him directly to safety… p2 rolls through, right into a sC. Excellent video.

1 - Wong vs Sanford ECC XI (match quality)
2 - Duc vs Sanford Evo 2k6 (match quality and best crowd ever)
3 - Soo vs Wong (contender for 2nd best crowd ever)
4 - DPC vs Clock (hype, best crowd after the 2 above and the Daigo vid)
5 - Cable comeback (perfect play)
6 - Meikyou/Magnetro/etc… (all that’s possible in the game)
7 - The Daigo vs Wong vid (the crowd saved 3rd Strike)

Then I get lost. There is so much good stuff…

a lot of my favorite videos were already mentioned here like the Umezono vs Hayao match.
Favorite combo video though… ORO MAN OF GOLD =D

Toronto 3rd Strike vids are some of my favourites. There’s a great match where a 12 player uses invisibility taunt right at the end to win the match, but I can’t find it online.

But check out Toronto player ‘Ack’ taking on Tokido in Japan: [media=youtube]u7MYyyFNuxI[/media]

Definitely in my top10.

I don’t like this tutorial video, because he never shows what the opponent can do to punish Oro…like the part with the poking, he makes it look like there is always at least one poke of Oro that will always beat out the opponent’s poke which isn’t true. He needs to show Oro’s limitations, as his tutorial makes Oro look like he is unbeatable.

thread winner

how come this match’s parrying wonder isn’t as popular as Daigo’s? Hayao is a beast…

Hayao just doesn’t go to US tourneys, so not many have exposure to that guy. Hayao is probably the best fighting game player ever.

Thos 40 minute long vids off combovideos about xvsf. Those were tight.