Top 10 reasons to avoid playing rocky rose at sf 2 hf



10.Cigarbob says lag
9.Elton Chong says hes too used to remix
8.snake eyez says that HF is not his game
7.Tomos penis is just too small for him to gather up the confidence to play the godly rocky
6.Jeff schaffer says hes just too old
5.missingpersonsrk says he just cant take an ass whooping like a man
4.cigarbob excuses rocky of cheating and says his reaction times too fast
3.Afraid rocky will post you on youtube after he gives you the beating of your life
2.Just dont have the nerves to face my godly trash talk and aint man enough to stand in the cornfield
1.Crayfis says ggpo is the way to play but really just knows rocky will DESTROY any and all who cross his path and crayfis PROTECTS old mastah and PODA from coming over to xbox live to play the god of sf 2 hf him,self ROCKY L ROSE


everyone of these people listed has blocked me after I challenged them,Bunch of whiny littlleee babbbbys you need your bibs ittle baybees.Wait you need a middle school hall pass so you can run BEFORE 3pm school lets out afraid of your date after school IN THE CORNFIELD with ROCKY by god ROSE.You dont wanna get beat up out at car riders in front of your daddy after school.The sf 2 community is a bunch of scared little girls IM calling any and all OUT and my enemys are just too friggin pissed I can back up any challenge I MAKE 110 percent im a big bully on sf 2 hf DO SOMETHING i sandbagged in all my youtube videos NEVER revealing my full potential of play with any character and still WON still crushed all.Now the gloves are off and im GONNA beat you all who face me like you stole somin


Its time for you all to grow a set of balls and step up and play me,TOMO and jeff have 360s and jeff said hes not good anymore and bitched out.I challenge anyone worthy a race to 10 games to be streamed live here on SRK or justin TV that includes cigarbob,tomo,crayfis old mastah poda,I dont like being disrespected by decoy and crayfis after I butchered real decoys ass 24 games to 7 way back when I was a rookie at HF decoy cowars in fear and yells out GGPO GGPO in defense of why he wont play me ever again on xbox live.Crayfis got jeoulous of the attention my vids got and hated my guts when he is nothing but a no personalty fat FUCK who couldnt make an entertaining vid if his twinkies life depended on it.2nd hd remix is a joke in japan HF is still played way more then remix so dont say HF is dead becuase if you do thats just another def mechanism in your scared little brains coming up with reason to avoid me and VALIDATE your chicken shit selves


Thunder roars in the background an aperition appears to be manifesting in the cornfield its coming theres no stopping it,Will you step up and Face the UNKNOWN sf 2 god from the CORNFIELD.Roll the god of sf 2 entrace theme he has arrived PLAY HIM AT YOUR OWN RISK [media=youtube]_a_reRahK5M[/media]


I just talked to CLEO and see confirmed I will brutally beatdown anyone who accepts my sf 2 HF challenge again and again heres an example of what kind of beating you all will recieve in sf 2 HF [media=youtube]jdjMCxAIWbs[/media]


Beware of THE GREATNESS THAT LURKS IN THE CORNFIELD greatness lurks umong you all yet you ignore it REALITY kicks myths and legends ass as the UFOS are MUCH smarter then the god of the bible I am much better at sf 2 HF then TOMO if TOMO never plays me the TRUTH WILL KICK TOMOS ASS FOREVER bee leeve what you will the truth will always slap you in the face,now TURN THE OTHER CHEEK cowards LOL [media=youtube]0TowBf6RnOQ[/media]


Rocky ROSE KOS CRAYFISH FAT BLUBBERY ASS 10 games to 0 [media=youtube]ipSfYZpeJu0[/media]


Every once in awhile you make my days brighter Rocky Rose… I hope you never stop!!!


on a side note,jeff schaffer and tomo are too busy GOING TO BROKEBACK mountain WITH EACH OTHER to have time to practice for me.jeffs all gay for tomo and tomos just plain fucking gay


@ roy bisel Im glad to do so,but theres a task for me at hand,and that task is to DESTROY and DEMORILIZE any and all competitiors at sf 2 HF without mercy or concern for there well being after the public beating I will whale upon them at sf 2 HF


one day i will return to youtube but for now this is all you get [media=youtube]YSEvMLQX2Mc[/media]


for those of you lucky enough to view my videos of me beating NAR CEASAR and LYGTS OUT and MEALISASTE aka the agg aka KEN MEXICANO you have seen my 50 percent of my true SKILL.When tomo or jeff or crayfis finally step up you will see my 100 percent game on sf 2 HF and it will be somin FEIRCE no ones EVER seen before,For those of you who didnt get to see me beating nar ceasar I won easily useing blanka ryu ken and honda,Mealisite used to be ranked 12th on HF worldwide LEGIT hes a BEAST yet I beat him every match or mainly 8 to 2 or 10 to 3 I win every series.For people like cigarbob I basically can jump in and give him a few uppercuts and still beat that BUM no problem the guys scrubbyness goes ALL THE WAY AROUND his FATASS STOMACH


snippyjk13 is a gyro fanboy who gives me free accounts to trick people into playing me ON,Thanks snipp. you better watch I HAVE LOTS OF GAMERTAGS




Proof missingperson SRK is butthurt I beat his ass in front of his deadbeat DADDY [media=youtube]1H_Zl0P4vfM[/media]


Beware tomo and jeff you BETTER NEVER COME ON HF sf 2 ON 360 I HAVE 100 gamertags THANKS SNIPP


thanks and shoutout to my account thief LOL snippyjk13 Beware TOMO I hvae 100 gamertags [media=youtube]1H_Zl0P4vfM[/media]


Come on someone have a go at the big bully of online sf 2 HF SHUT ME UP LOL ill beat that false sense of con fi dence right outta the left side of your sorry asses if you dare play me in sf 2 HF [media=youtube]1H_Zl0P4vfM[/media]


move this topic to the top of the forum page,here ill do it with a post,ALL eyes on me


HF is dead.