Top 10 shoto clones


In the past there have being many shoto clones but who is the best in your personal opinion, who’s underrated and who is the greatest of them all? this list counts down some the best shoto clones ever made from obvious picks to more underrated gems, but does your favourite shotokan warrior made the cut? who’s your favourite, here are my top 10. I want general discussion, and who do you think is overrated?


(Mods this is for general discussion, thanks :slight_smile:


Ryo is the best shoto.


Ryu is the best shoto clone.


Dumb thread.

… Heart Aino.


Allen Snider from SFEX. Shoto with a command grab and high-damage juggle options? I can dig it.


WTF is this bullshit doing here…didn’t you learn from your first post?
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Video section plz.

  1. Fillia
  2. o.Sagat
    8.King (King of Fighters)
  3. Evil Sakura
  4. Ragna.
  5. Ken Mode Ryu (MVC1).
  6. King (Tekken)
  7. Sol Badguy
  8. Aino Heart
  9. Konomi Yuzuhara

Didn’t have any space, but Kira and Cerebella would have been between 2 and 3.


Hinata Wakaba from Rival Schools.


1. Dan.
2. Dan.
3. Dan.
4. Dan.
5. Dan.
6. Dan
7. Dan.
8. Dan.
9. Dan.
10. Dan.


@Kaxblastard to show these shotoscrubs what for, unless the mods lagswitched that nigga into oblivion.

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  1. Dylan
  2. Dylan
  3. Dylan
  4. Dylan
  5. Dylan
  6. Dylan
  7. Dylan
  8. Dylan
  9. Dylan
  10. Dylan

Cuz he shoots hot fiyah.


I lie how this mofo actually intended this for General Discussion.



Best one.


This thread is giving me cancer.


Zonegamer’s moms pussy is the best shoto ever


hmm this is a great topic of conversation…

personally this is the list i’m a have to go with:

#10: Zangief - pretty weak clone, can’t throw fireballs. however can jump, block, and move forward/backward like all shotos
#9: Amingo - this is a giant fat cactus, and bison looks like a giant fat cactus, and all bison fantasizes about is killing the shotos, so by two levels of indirection, amingo is a clone
#8: Hugo - again like gief this is a poorly conceived clone but he has a tranny bf, and otakus likes anime trannies (witness the popularity of hentai), and ryu is the idol of oktaus, there hugo is a clone
#7: Servbot - the similarity is obvious to anyone with a brain
#6: Sol badguy - his last name is badguy which is pretty badass, and ken masters is a badass.
#5: Sentinel - he is the best character in mvc2, and shotos are consistently top tiers in fighting games, so if you think about it sentinel is a clone
#4: Guile - he is the badass ryu wishes he could be, AN ALL AMERICAN HERO. flash kick for superior anti air and a SONIC BOOM - A FIREBALL SO FAST IT BREAKS THE SOUND BARRIER. guile >>>>>>>>>>>> ryu
#3: Eminem - just like ryu he is looking for the ultimate fight, but destroys everyone he is ever on a track with (Jay Z was embarassed in renegade, and more recently, lil wayne got schooled in what is love)
#2: Roxy Jezel - just like ryu she is looking for the ultimate challenge, although her challenges involve deepthroating and gangbangs



GOKU - because unlike ryu or akuma or any of those pussies, he truely is the STRONGEST IN THE MULTI UNIVERSE!


Fishjie’s is the only good post in the thread.

I suggest we rename it “Fishjie’s Top 10 Shoto Clones, or: Fishjie is a fag.”

(That last bit is only in there because we can’t get soft on this guy. No sir. You gotta be hard for Fishjie. Wait.)


The best Shoto is a tazer to the face. :tup:


that’s right, don’t EVER go soft on me again!


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