Top 10 SNK characters & Top 10 CAPCOM characters


Who are the top 10 best CAPCOM characters and top 10 best SNK characters with their best grooves if u wanna put them


My opinion on top ten Capcom and SNK chars. I dont feel like listing grooves, since its mostly obvious


  1. Sakura
  2. Sagat
  3. Bison
  4. Blanka
  5. Guile
  6. Chun
  7. Cammy
  8. Vega
  9. Ken
  10. Honda

I personally think Guiles better than Chun… Because Chun has nothing without Super. Last few are unclear… I might have not given Cammy enough respect, but I feel like she’s dropped in the tiers…

SNK(a bit harder to tier)

  1. Kyo
  2. Hibiki
  3. Kim(thats right, Kim. Infinte > j00)
  4. Iori
  5. Yamazaki
  6. Rugal
  7. Geese

Last three… Not so sure… Actually, the entire list I’m unclear on… but Kyo, Hibiki, Kim, Iori and Yamazaki are all very dangerous in the right hands… But last ones would be a toss up between Rock, Chang, Joe , Raiden, Todo and Terry. I dont know much about Chang and Raiden, but I’ve heard they’re pretty decent, and I’m pretty sure they’re better than King, Ryo, Vice, etc. I dont know for sure though. I know Todo can do great damage in A, but I decided to not put him up snince I dont know enough about him.

Actually, most of the SNK list is a toss up to me… Anyone else want to put their two cents in?


I think your list of the snk guys was pretty accurate, I dont know about kim though but I guess I’ve never seen a good one. Really past that list it all gets into opinion, groove, how they fit into your team and skill. There isn’t really a top 10 snk theres more of a top five then it gets really unclear.


:Capcom: (in no specific order)

  1. C-Sagat = A-Sakura (iirc, somebody else will have to confirm or fix this)
  2. C-Chun
  3. A- Bison
  4. K,C-Cammy
  5. C,A,K-Blanka
  6. Vega
  7. Rolento
  8. C- Guile
  9. RC Honda
  10. Ryu, Ken, Akuma

SNK(no order)

  1. Kyo
  2. A- Hibiki
  3. N-Iori
  4. A-Mai


Top 10 capcom: Boring, cause everybody knows how diserve a place…BUT top 10 snk is interesting.

Top 10 snk (no order):
1- K/P Kyo
2- A/K/N Hibiki
3- N/A Iori
4- K Raiden
5- K Rock
6- Geese
7- P Terry
8- C/A/K Rugal
9- Yamazaki
10- A Mai ( personnal choice, maybe you think that some of them dont deserve a place in here like Rugal, Raiden BUT for me they do).



Morrigan is Capcom…

Kim is SNK top tier even without infinite, the infinite sets up a good mix up game. But his rush super cancelled into 3 air bicycle kicks into air super does a good job.

A2A forward beats out a lot of good A2A including Blanka J.Fierce.

He has so many RC possibilities compared to Kyo, who many of you put as #1 on SNK top tier.

Don’t get me wrong P-Kyo is up there, but C-Kim can be nearly unstoppable if played right.

I’m going to start practicing him more exclusively.

C,A,K Rock is good as well

S.Roundhouse could be one of the best AA’s if not the best in the game.

RC strong dash elbow move, C.Roundhouse as your poke, and in C, you can cancel C.Roundhouse into Level 2 Rising Storm super into qcb+short. Not great damage but looks cool.

I don’t know about tier threads, any character can be top tier if put in the right hands.


Capcom is kinda obvious, so I’ll list my SNK top tier.

1.Kyo (BTW, when did the Kyo bandwagon start? I haven’t been here for a while)


SNK imo is Hibiki and Yama for the top 2. Kyo’s overrated, he’s good but not top 5 good.


true, his mixups are powerful… but when u know how to block and u can tell when hes doing small jump/rdp or just waiting to do… its ggpo kyo… he wont do shit…

yamazaki is kinda fucked too with all the RCs going on… he cant keep away as good as he was able to before…

now nak on the other hand… when the fuck is she gonna get someone good to play her… u know how frikkin hard she is to stop when she knocked you down once… bird, crossup, jump on bird and then: 1 jump off 2: fly off with special move 3: let bird fly… hi-lo games… for real in the right hands and with alotta practice shes like fkn magneto:eek:

morrigan is good… but her life kills her… its always a pity to see vids of biktooth and i always look forward to his morrigan… and i see him getting killed by a chun-li lvl2, kicks, fierce xx lvl1 (hear him yell: FUCKER during that) hah that shit was kool… too bad morrigan had to suffer though…

hibiki is good… but ill just blanka-super her ass even if she hits me…

nvr played mai nor todo… they seem like good chars… but i know one thing: countergroove for todo: p… press one time forward and u parry his WHOLE wave… i mean wtf thats just broken…

geese is good =) (anybody btw know a good way to get his raging storm out consistently?)

kim is really good… do u know how many special moves he has… i mean rc to the max… with c-groove tigerknee his air kick and u can crossup… (or not omg mixup)

iori owns it… hands down

terry… hmm mixed feelings dunno how many ways he can cancel tp super… but he can do lvl3 into lvl1 with n groove if im correct =)

rock: awesome… just like geese but then bit downtoned but more mobile… dunno hes still good =) raging storm and hold punch to just see ur opponent fly into his own death =)

just snk chars i wanted to give my opinion about… dunno if it helps/helped but… ye… whatever


With Kyo even if you know how to block it doesn’t save you from the HK throw. Plus if you small jump and then you’re still safe if they block it. Yes, these are 50/50 mixups but in general they’re pretty safe.

Anyway, to do raging storm it’s hcb,hcb,df + Punch; very easy to do… you can just walk up and do RS:D


heh never thought about throws at that moment… good point picks up his kyo again

hmm ye i always tried to do qcb, hcb, df but that shit didnt work… dunno tried to to fast… i know i can get out raiden super consistently so this must work too or else ima just gonna play rock :mad: he has hella easier raging storm


Mai has got to be SNK #1 just for the tilt factor alone.

Put Mai first and make your opponent so pissed off he goes totally off his game plan!


K raiden is bestest SNK, because he beats cammy, sagat, and blanka. yea he’s the only useful SNK char, i mean, thats why you should play him as an R4 if you want an all SNK team. too powerful. beats all the best capcom chars.


DooM, have you tried: db, hcb, hcf ('til df) +p? Geese’s RS gave me alot of trouble, too. Out of all the various ways I’d heard of inputting the command, this was the ONLY one that worked for me.


top 12 snk characters in no order

1.k. geese
2. a mai
3. k raiden
4.a iori
5.k/p kyo
6.a/s athena
7.c/p rugal
8.c kim
9.a/n/s terry
10. k/p/a joe

others that should be up there is todo yamazuki rock hibiki


A mai isn’t THAT good.
1:N Yama
2:N Iori/A Hibiki
4:KP Kyo
5:K Geese
6:C Rugal
7:K/C Rock
8:C Kim
9:A Todo
10:A Mai


I have ten listed for each, some were hard to decide between so i ranked them at the same level.


  1. Iori
  2. Yama,
  3. Rugal
  4. Kim,
  5. Rock
  6. Joe,
  7. King


  1. Sagat
  2. Sakura
  3. Chun,
  4. Blanka,
  5. Akuma


SNK characters:

1.All Hibiki
2.All Yama
3.Most Geese
4.Most Mai

Gap is small from hibiki to geese, gap is a little wider from mai to athena.

KP-Kyo’s overrated. He’s not THAT good, just cause Top Japan player uses him don’t mean that’s his best. IMO N is Kyo’s Best because of the dreaded A groove , get’s meter fast, not predictable when trying to connect supers, RCs, and you give chunli meter when you die.


Best Kyo grooves. Small gap between them


I dunno, I’d say for Kyo:

You have to play against a good Kyo to see the full picture. Getting 1 parry = 1/4-1/2 life gone WITHOUT super. Kyo gets a FREE after many JDs. Small jump is great, but his A-groove combos make up for that. I dunno why N would be better than C. If it’s only good to alpha counter CCs then it’s not that great; A and C can handle that and you can store a super. Anyway, he’s good in any groove, but P is his most dangerous because of the intimidation factor; I don’t know what N has that would make someone worry.


Damn, Vice aint gettin no love.