Top 10 XvS Kailera Players

I hope to do is get a list of potential top 10 kailera players and then once we get enough posts we will have a tounry, to see who is #1, #2 and #3 and so on all the way until 10, this way you can say i placed top 10 in all of kailera. Just for some bragging rights i guess, if it turns out, should be fun =]

Quick summery of what i wrote/ Rules:
-Post here, leaving your kailera name, and aim or msn. If you believe your top 10 material

-If enough people post, eliminations will occur, untill 10 people remain

-Once these 10 players remain, randomly chosen of course, top 10 will start to eliminate each other

-Rules are as followed: infs are allowed, unless stipulated mutualy by each other.

-Best 6 of 10, so there are no “lucky” people, using mame .64, no autofire is allowed, euro version of course.

-Top 5 will record matches using fba 2.94.98 or 2.94

-Recordings will defaulty be held at the dk site, and hopefully perhaps at Dark Addictz site and/ or

I hope this turns out, kailera right now has loads of potential top teners so if you wish to be known but are not, this is the place to do it, that is… if people post lol…

Let the X-Men Vs Street Fighter top 10 mini toury begin… lol

id be intrested, you know how to reach me