Top 100 Mika Players(CFN)



Seems like this deserves a topic of its own, but I suppose this could be folded into one of the stickied threads if that’s what mods desire:

I’m just doing this by online rank, so I can see replays of the best and try to learn from them.

First name is their Fighter ID. I can add more info if you provide it.

Top 100 Ranking R. Mika players who don’t ragequit(feel free to add more, support the peachers!):
TS-Sabin(not actually a Mika player but he did switch his avatar to Mika and play her. maybe a secondary? I dunno)
Gentlemanthief(apparently a virtua fighter player)
rainbowimpact(native impact)
**naswwwedsx ** (native impact)
Hashibiron(Fuudo; Not sure if top 100 but we all know he’s good)
**shimolen **( JP Mika - played 4)

PS: I personally say no ragequitters because as a streamer(and as a player, I want to see what happens to a Mika player in ALL situations, not just when it’s a “good/winning” match. You are welcome to add your own but I think its important if we are aware of who’s ragequitting/boosting/etc. I’m not sure whether I should list known ragequitting Mika players because sometimes that becomes an issue in itself, lol.

Rainbow Labs Inc.: a summary of Mika technology

If you’re able to change the thread title, maybe remove the rage quitter thing (just from the title) and run the thread as a reference for CFN<->playername Mikas.


Check the Mika section here, there’s definitely some of the best Mika players on there and plenty of replays to go through.


dafeetlee’s list has been heavily scrutinized for many reasons(for instance, Fuudo’s Fighter ID isn’t even spelled correctly).


So naswwwedsx and shimolen are now a top 100 mika players. Are they pro? Are they ragequitter? Anyone got any info?