Top 12 reasons UMVC3 is a good thing

even a indie game offer more than umvsc3 outside of the gigantic roster.

Skullgirl offer : - custom assist
- Cvssnk 2 team built . 3 weak , 2 ok or 1 strong dude .
- game mechanic against easy loop and infinite
- A decent to a good netcode. GGPO is confirm in the game
- They will try to fix the game if something is broken or extremely weak.
- the list can be longer but im sure people get the point.
- Not important to the game , but the artists that work for revengelabs always show us cool pictures and sketchs on a daily base . They even support mml3 after this get cane. This has nothing to do on the gameplay but definitely a nice stuff .

Kind of sad a big corporation like capcom really don’t put a lot of effort in their game . umvsc3 is a lot more a cash grab game over a polish game.

My salty opinion anyway. it is not like the people will see both side of the coin.

Mvc3 is a good game.


Really, why are you here if you don’t like MVC3? It isn’t like you’re going to somehow convince everyone that likes it that they shouldn’t.

It was good because it was crazy, it was fun, and it had cool characters. Yeah, people were disappointed by what wasn’t there, but they liked what was.

If you bought them in Vanilla, you’ll get them for free in Ultimate. Or, if you were wondering why they are still DLC, don’t you think it would be a rip-off to those who got them in the original?

It’s more than 12 characters. There’s new moves and balancing changes.
I have no comment about the new XF, because I’m too unsure about some things to have a concrete opinion.

I thought that the deaths of SF4 and Super (and the eventual one of MvC3) was natural, because the new versions were meant to replace the previous ones. SF4 wasn’t supposed to replace 3s. MvC3 wasn’t supposed to replace 2. Etc., etc.

3-4 months? AE2012 is coming out almost a year after the original got released in arcades. UMvC3 is being released nine months after Vanilla. I’m not trying to condone the rapid release of the games, nor am I 100% agreeing with the OP, but exaggeration of the facts just bugs me.

Alright, now I’m getting sick of dumbasses coming over here and acting like SRK is a bunch of mindless Capcom fanboys who want more than anything to give Capcom all of our money.

Did you know? WE ARE AWARE OF WHAT THE FLAWS OF MVC3 WERE. We know that there was no spectator mode. We know that the netcode was ass. We know that there’s broken shit in Vanilla Marvel. We even openly discuss our complaints about the game. And yet we choose to like the it anyway.

So what the hell are you here for? Trying to teach us poor little sheep about the evils of the big bad corporation? Get the fuck out of here then, because we know. Your little criticisms are redundant. This is why people around here tell those who don’t like the game to get out of this forum. We are not mindless fanboys. We are human beings capable of thought.

Thats just the problem with people. No offense, but any time i try to argue with someone that UMVC3 is a bad idea/rip off all i hear is “thoughts” about what they “think” and hardly any form of evidence that points to why umvc3 is a good deal.

How is UMVC3 a good deal/a good game to pick up? New character moves? Spectator mode? new levels? 12 new characters?

Just think about a friendly conversation between two people:

A: Yo man what ya been up to?
B: nothing much. you still playin mvc3 dude?
A: Yeah its great.
B: Did they fix the net code yet for that game? I really wasnt a fan of the online play
A: Yeah, finally.
B: Oh cool, im gonna head on tonight and play with some people.
A: you cant
B: Why?
A: if you want to you have pay 40.00 and buy a new disc.
B: Wow, reallly man? That makes no sense.
A:But they are doing more than just patching it. They are putting other stuff into it.
B: like what?
A: spectator mode
B: isnt that in like every game ever? How is that a feature??
A: new moves and 12 new characters.
B: New moves? That’s the kicker?


They can sell you guys UMVC4 with 4 new characters and 2 levels and all of you guys would buy it. haha

Please, leave.

Oh great another self entitled clown.

Sorry that people buy things they enjoy and want to play and log hundreds of hours into. It’s such a crime that people enjoy MvC3 and want more of it. It’s horrible that Capcom decided to charge $40 for a product they spent their own resources on instead of giving it away for free.

You and the guy who made this thread below should be friends

But heres the thing: People DID NOT ENJOY IT and it wasn’t as popular as they expected. Why do you think they are trying to redo the game? Think about what you’re saying.

Why do you think more players hate MVC3 than MVC2? I’m pretty sure it’s not because MVC3 was a good game.

You’re giving me the Apple Jacks argument man.

You’re simply saying “It’s fun, cool, and we love that they keep making fighting games” The same defense cover up to support Capcoms crap.

The only thing Capcom has done lately that makes 100% perfect sense is the re-release of third strike online and heres why:

-Kept it the SAME exact way for the veterans who love(d) the game
-Introduce new modes and features people WANTED (youtube uploading, ggpo)
-Use of training and challenges for the New Gen. players.

It’s the perfect concept and is a game made to make the fans/people happy. If we keep buying Capcoms shitty money scams…they will keep doing it. If we don’t…they’ll appeal more to the fans and listen to us. It’s a really simple equation that makes 100% perfect sense.

Why are you trying to convince fans of a game that they don’t REALLY like it?
Also, your first paragraph almost gave me a seizure. They wouldn’t be making a new one if no one liked it, which is what you seem to be trying to say to people who clearly liked it.
About Third Strike, you’re being a hypocritical idiot. UMVC3 is being IMPROVED, which is better than not changed. They’re adding things people WANT, like spectator mode and Strider. UMVC3 is a better thing than Third Strike online in almost every way. Third Strike online is just about the SAME DARN GAME, with about two new things. Seriously, just go play Third Strike. UMVC3 is a new game.
Please, leave and go to the superbowl, so that you can tell all of those people how baseball is better for a bunch of crappy reasons.

Is there a problem with looking past a game’s flaws and liking it in the end?

You didn’t enjoy it and yet for some reason still hang around at MvC3 and SF4 boards. And what do you mean by “redoing”? This this seems typical of what Capcom does with their fighting games: release version then release a new iteration of it

Presenting opinions as fact, good shit bro.

Not sure what this is suppose to mean…

So buying things you like is bad? Gotcha

Loosely using the word “exact”. And you’re just going to bitch about it later like you’re doing here and at the SF4 section.

There you go again, presenting your opinion as fact. “I didn’t like MvC3 so no else liked it” is quite the assumption.

Very general statement here. You’re right in the sense that people initially did not enjoy it and some remain to not enjoy it, but various players overcame their knee-jerk disdain for the game, two examples being Fanatiq and Justin Wong. They will both probably say that the game is stupid in some way, and they have legitimit reasons in saying so, but they have overcame that at least.

Remember that a game does not necessarily have to be good to be enjoyable. They are “redoing” the game because that’s what Capcom does. They release like 4 iterations of everything, regardless of how good the previous iteration is.

It seems that way, but mainly because the internet makes everything apparant. I garauntee you that if MvC2 was hypothetically released today, there would be a myriad of complaints.

Also remember that gamers back then were not as “whiney” as they are now. The general video game playerbase of this generation is very… spoiled. The motto now is to “patch it” rather than to “deal with it.” This has its ups and downs.

We have to deal with it sadly. I’d rather buy one version of MvC3 only, but the reality of Capcom is that we have to buy multiple versions of it eventually.

This is not to justify Capcom, but their method of business is strategic, even if it seems cold. Games are not getting cheaper to make. Looking from their perspectives, if you can milk it, why not?

Also Capcom is not the only ones to blame. Many companies do this on varying degrees.

The difference is, Third Strike was intended was a re-release. It’d be foolish to modify the game.

Face it, Marvel vs Capcom 3 is not Marvel vs Capcom 2. The game was intended to change and evolve to suit this current generation. If your head is the past, you will definitely have the knee-jerk reaction and hate it. I am for one who did initially, and many did. Some overcame their initial reactions, and some did not. I for one, hate the living crap out of some of Capcom’s decisions. Their methods of “balancing” characters can be sumarized by simple number tinkering that end up turning everything into glass cannons. We all have our dislikes about the game, but innovation shouldn’t be discouraged, even if ends up with concepts like X-factor and Dark Phoenix.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is intended as an adjustment to fix the commonly voiced out criticisms of the first installment. We are getting a possibly better game that might ultimately be more enjoyable, and as a result Capcom is getting money.

Why is this such a bad thing?

Fucking dumbasses. Acting like you didn’t expect it. Why do you people even have accounts on SRK?

Christ, if I had to keep playing MvC3 (although I love the game) for another few years… I’d get hella bored of it over time. I need something new to look forward to. HOPEFULLY there’s even a third rendition next year. I would gladly buy that as well.

LOL this seem a copy paste from a fan boy of capcom unity. in other words , it’s totally acceptable to support bare bone game.

Insulting people is the best way to prove your point. This is not like you give a second chance or trying to understand.

If capcom make a pr about delaying the release date of umvsc3 to polish the damn game. You should be the first one to totally accept it and defend it just because it’s coming from capcom. Kind of bull**** favouritism

If you have taken note from my last comment . You should have know skullgirl is innovative on severals ways. What’s kind of innovative stuff umvsc3 bring us on the table ? X factor in the air , extra move on most vanilla characters or adding more characters ?

if people like you refuse to look on both side of the situation, it’s sure COJ won’t give a crap and they will continue to make rush game. Even Sf x tekkan look more polish over this game and they re-use sf4 engine and graphic.
I hope this game will not split up the community between the people that buy anything from capcom and those that seek qualities

When 2 big companies are involved both Capcom and Marvel. Capcom has to dish out a lot of money for rights to use the Marvel characters. They also have to get approval for changes they make to the Marvel characters. MvC3 was a very costly game to make cause of this and Capcom is trying to gain some money back since they spent alot of money to get the rights for Marvel characters in their game. I’m sure they planned this from the start. Also, X-factor will always be in this game even though Capcom doesn’t like it, Marvel says it stays in, it stays in. In case you didn’t know “X-Factor is an American comic book series published by Marvel Comics. It is a spin-off of the popular X-Men franchise, featuring characters from X-Men stories. The series has been relaunched several times with different team rosters, most recently as X-Factor Investigations.” That show’s you that Marvel is pulling the strings cause they can according to the laws in this country regarding intellectual property which would be characters, names, stages, music, costumes, and so on. They say what goes and what doesn’t and they can pretty much boss Capcom around telling them they don’t like the way this Marvel character plays because he feels too weak. Which is why we got broken Marvel characters like Wolverine and Phoenix. In conclusion, Capcom and Marvel both need to get paid, so be prepared for some greedy things to happen in the future even further ahead of the release of UMvC3.
People need to look at things from a business point of view, then you’ll understand why both Marvel and Capcom have been making these decisions and its because its for their own benefit. No one wanted fucking rocket raccoon or nova, but we get them anyways cause Marvel has plans for them.

An engine from 2008 that has undergone multiple tweaks and changes and revisions is more mature than an one that has been used for a game from 2011? Say it ain’t so! Do you read what you write? Of course SFxT is going to have a more polished engine than MvC3, they have had much more time to work on the tweaks and have prior experience from using the engine for all the revisions of SF4 (Vanilla Arcade, Home Edition, Super, AE, V2012).

So basically, it will split the community from those who don’t give a shit about modes that ultimately don’t enhance the bulk of the game (versus) and those that think that every game must have single player (or multiplayer for that matter)? Good riddance I say.

I’m seeing both sides. I can see why people wouldn’t like MVC3. But you shouldn’t come insult people here to try to make them “come over from the dark side” or whatever the heck you think you’re doing.

Yes. I insulted you. But there were other things that I said that you are conveniently ignoring… by insulting me. (coughhypocrisycough)

Well, gee. Should I go for the conspiracy theories that are flying around? I don’t take Capcom’s statements as if they were the word of God, but I take them in good faith.

A game has to be innovative to be good? If it’s innovation you want, think of the new strategies that could emerge thanks to a more flexible XF, new characters to play around with, and tweaked old characters.

If by “qualities”, you mean, “more modes like MK that really don’t add much to the actual game”, then yes, I hope UMvC3 does that.

I will take the time to reiterate my points, since you don’t seem to understand. Yes, on the surface, MvC3 is quite bare-boned. No spectator. Netcode wasn’t exactly stellar. And so on.

But you misunderstand why we continue to like this game. It’s not that we support Capcom all the way and would love to give them our money. It’s because there are strategies to form, characters to experiment with, teams to try out. You say bare-bones? We like the game because we found that, deep down, there was a juicy, tender meat known as gameplay.

If Capcom only released one feature-filled game, we’d all be overjoyed at that. But they didn’t, so we might as well deal with it. They released a game with not many features, but it had good gameplay. We were a bit disappointed, but overall satisfied. That’s how it is on SRK. Not mindless fanboyism, but an appreciation of the game that isn’t limited by how many modes there are. We see what it lacks, but we focus on what’s already there, and we like it as a result.

And now my question to you: What are you doing on here?

Well said OPer

And before I’m inevitably attacked for this, no, I am insulting MK or Skullgirls. I have respect for both games.

That’s the spirit! It’s not rebuying the game. It’s buying more of what you love if you want more. Nobody forces you to buy sequels. You do it because you love the game, the developer, the community or the series. If not, don’t buy it. Right? No biggie. There’s hundreds of games I bought one of and none of the sequels.

But I think I know what some people’s problems are … they love the scene and they want to play the games they like with their friends but those friends are moving onto a game they don’t particularly like. That sucks. I feel you there. But wanting Cap to put out the sequel for free so you can play with your friends without feeling screwed. Well, that’s not fair. And it’s not really the argument your making either, is it? No, detractors want to hide behind “broken”, “ripoff”, whatever. People hated the noob tube in CoD but that didn’t stop it from selling a trillion-and-a-handfull of copies.

I know fighters are more engrossing to a lot of us but you still don’t have to follow people down that road if you don’t feel it’s right. No biggie. The thing is … we all understand that and we’re all making up our own minds. You can get a dialogue going (I did!) but then you gotta deal. We like it. Whatever. Sorry.