Top 12 reasons UMVC3 is a good thing

Actually since I never got MvC3 (never a fan of the series or Marvel in general) I’d be doing exactly that (the reason I might buy UMvC3 is that if people back at school are into it, well at least it’s better than playing Smash). The problem is that if I had bought the original game I would have paid a total of $100 for one game, $40 for 12 new characters and a little rebalance. “great engine” well it’s the same as before with a few changes, “good graphics” well that’s nice and all but it’s still the same as before and besides, graphics matter very little in the grand scheme of things, “annoying music” you’re actually positing this as a good thing? “16 stages” here’s probably the one I have the most trouble with, who gives a crap about new stages? MvC looks busy enough as it is, and a very large portion of players (including myself) prefer simplicity in stage design and hence choose training room as the stage in AE.

Chiming in on this - At current DLC prices, they would have cost us 60$. Granted, the point of DLC is that you don’t have to get it or you can get it piecemeal. However, since it comes packaged with improvements, I’m not one to judge.

OP sounds like an old man angry at the kids on his lawn.


Didn’t you buy SSF4:AE?

Here is how I see it. In SF4 series, you spent either $115 or $140 (if you bought the AE disc like a retard) for 15 characters, some rebalancing (thats not really balanced at all because there are some men named Yun, Yang and Fei Long), like 3, maybe 4 stages (that you claim you don’t care about, so thats a waste of time anyway) and some modes that not even casual gamers use (tournament and team battle) and you are upset because you have to pay $40 for 12 characters for a total roster of 48, which is one of the largest and the MOST diverse rosters in fighting game history, 8 new stages for a grand total of 16 stages, a fresh new combo system and engine, modes that they haven’t even revealed to us yet, and rebalancing of all 38 characters in the current roster. Not to mention that more than half of the current characters are actually getting new moves and shit…

If you buy AE, you would definitely buy this. Nuff said.

Well, that makes much more sense.

I’m planning on getting Ultimate, but even I think that this list is pretty bad… (No offense, OP)

Agreed. But I don’t think it’s Inafune blocking Mega Man personally as much as legal issues surrounding the issue despite Capcom owning the character because he created it for them. I think that’s why Zero has the MM blue alt. He might be in because he was in TVC, however, now they shot themselves in the foot because his blue would clash if MM was included. So … I don’t know. Again, I’m not saying MM won’t show up someday but just that it’s not a priority to them to get involved in such affairs right now.

First, since I only got a console right around the time AE came out (had vanilla on PC), I skipped Super anyway. Second I thought it self-evident that I saw SSFIV on a stand-alone disc as a pretty BS idea; I remember Capcom giving BS reasons why they had to make a stand-alone game. At least make it an old-fashioned expansion pack! Better yet make the whole thing just a downloadable release.

Third, please don’t give me the “total roster of 48, which is one of the largest and the MOST diverse rosters in fighting game history,” MvC2 had a large and diverse cast but how many did you see in tournament play? Hell how many did you even see in casual play when people were playing to win? 8 new stages… again don’t care. New combo system and engine. Well that’s something that does sound a bit more interesting but I do think it’ll end up being once again killing me in some (conservatively estimated) 15 input combo all in a brand new engine!

If the engine makes it impossible for an 8 year old to perfect someone in 6 seconds (well let’s guess it’s a perfect, not that the game would tell us) that’s definitely a change for the better but I still hardly think it merits a standalone disc.

Edit: BTW anyone notice how much content is included in 3SOE? There’s a pretty nice chunk of stuff in there in addition to an awesome game with hopefully awesome netcode, none of that’s on a disc. We’re rapidly approaching the point where discs are a thing of the past and I feel Capcom is taking 1 step forward with 3SOE and 2 steps back with UMvC3

By putting out another disk (especially since it’s expected around November, IIRC - I think it’s a bad time personally 'cause there’ll be a ton of games coming out that month), MvC3 has more time on shelf limelight. They even made sure that retailers will push the game via pre-order bonuses. It’s the same reason why you have AE as a downloadable content add-on, and re-released on disk as SSFIV:AE. It’s the same game, but it allows for Capcom to have AE get some shelf-life presence.

MvC3 isnt for the hardcore at all lol

40$ for a disc, 60$ for the same content in dlc format(if they didnt charge for balance update and stages)

my brain is full of fuck

From what I understand Sony charges a ton of money to allow third parties like Capcom to utilize the store to download DLC. So it might make more sense to have cheaper content and go for a larger volume of sales rather than put it up on the respective stores for x-box and PS3 and lose a big share of your profits to those respective providers. I don’t have any actual numbers, it’s just what I’ve read from people commenting on decisions the industry makes.


Also, I don’t care about the stages. This isn’t Smash, the stages are boring. I just always play in the training room. However, i’m not just going to dismiss them just because I don’t care for them. They’re still factored into the price.

The annoying music wasn’t a good thing. I just said it was there because it is.

Really you call SF4 Upgrades worse than MVC3?..


10 - ish new characters: (90% of which everyone wanted/looked forward to from the start)
FOUR BRAND NEW MODES/FEATURES…(Four…) Including a replay channel, follow options, and an already existing spectator mode (Just naming the few every1 most likely agrees is on as usefull, dont give me the stupid ‘‘We’re hardcore gamers…we don’t care about variety and fun modes apart from Training mode + Versus all day’’)

  • Already existing Decent online in ALLLL VERSIONS of the game.
  • Spectator mode already in from the start + IN ALL VERSION OF THE GAME
  • Free balancing for AE 2012.


Negative 1 mode: Less modes…Shadow mode got removed LOL…
12 characters: (60% of who no one seems to even know or give a shit about so far /Note: Judging from comments. Im giving them a chance I guess)
Stages (Who cares…Hell some players prefer training stage cause of less distractions LOL…)
Paying for a better netcode, while MVC3’s netcode remains shit. (We’re paying for CC’s mistakes)
Paying for spectator mode which they said would have been DLC;/Free DLC…
Thrown away cash…: Not being able to play Shadow mode anymore with you’re newly balanced characters. Lost money.

But w/e Im over raging I guess. I just dont care about anything but a few of the characters which were promised to be DLC which means = We being able to pick who we buy. CC is making way more money this way, they are smart.[/details]

I admit Im kinda attacking MVC3 on points undeserved cause Im upset lol. But I do believe the SF4 package is better and feels less lacking than MVC3.

Why don’t you read what posts I’ve made carefully again, I would’ve thought that people reading this thread had realised that I think both the way/price SSFIV and UMvC3 were/are going to be released are pretty bull. Much as I dislike MK9, I like the modern Western practice of patching games for free (though admittedly too frequent for a FG) as opposed to how Capcom and most JP companies do things (make you pay for any kind of rebalance). At the end of the day you really feel special paying an extra $40 for Ultimate and letting your original game disc collect dust in the corner?

BTW just realised after intending to get away with my 2 cents in a 1 sentence comment, I’ve gotten sucked into my first forum argument in like the last 3 years xD

MvC3 is not for the hardcore gamers. The whole game seems more like a party game than an actual fighter.

The game was incomplete. The online play is horrid and they could not even include a spectator mode, something SSF4 had. We all jumped on it because we were eager for a new MvC after 2. At least AE was given as DLC, but this a definite attempt at our wallets.

The new characters are a mix between known an misses. This game does not target hardcore gamers, which is why people like Ghostrider and Phoenix Wright are in it. Ghost Rider is still fresh from the semi-good movie of him, and Phoenix Wright is a fan favorite. Its more appealing to the casual fans then people like us, they mostly talk about something like a Raccoon fighting a giant robot (or something along those lines).

New modes keep the game fresh and make it fun. Like I said this is not tailored to us, but more to casual gamers.

Sorry I don’t always read replies from people that reply to the person im replying to (He said whhaaaaa-) =P. I was not quoting you, so I was just replying to Cee directly with my opinion as you did to him as well. I shall not accept you saying we’re arguing ;-;

And yea I edited what you said about both prices/packages being bull out and replaced it with ‘‘W/e im done ranting’’ but I agree. Its just the SSF4 one felt less lacking lol

No, that would be Angry Joe. Of course, neither him or OP bother to bring up any points from the opposing sides. OP doesn’t consider the fact that some fans would rather purchase DLC characters individually to save money, while Angry Joe disregards the entire competitive fighting game community and undermines the value of studying a character/developing team dynamics over a large period of time.


Excellent read and great article. I especially agree with what you have to say about SSF:AE ver. 2012 and how the name could imply continued balanced changes which would keep the fire burning for longer.

I disagree with the above points.

  1. I have always enjoyed modes like Survival. Single player should not be forgotten. Alpha 3 World tour mode was really fun as well. Does it need to be there? No. If it’s there thought is certainly shows the care that went into the game.

  2. the new characters do suck. While this is largely a matter of opinion I just am not excited by any one of them and thus kills my hype for the game. I don’t know a single one on the Marvel side (I don’t read comics) and the Racoon looks stupid as hell. Shit better not be top tier.

  3. if MegaMan is having internal business trouble that’s one thing (not that I really care I;ve never been a huge MM fan) but characters like Venom and Cyclops are characters people want. Marvel wants to put charcaters in that coincide with their other business plans which is their choice, but a rather skeezy one imo.
    Additionally, it could work the other way as well…if Cyclops/venom was in the game (there is fan demand for him) that could in turn renew interest in a series in the comic book world since interacting with something is a superior form of entertainment. It can be a two-way street, it doesn’t have to be one way. Instead of thinking that placing upcoming or current Marvel characters in the game to help sales Marvel could instead place Fan favorites in the game and that could help the sales of those characters that aren’t selling as well as they once did.

  4. The game felt rushed which is why people say it was unfinished. The VS screen is just the character models facing each other (notice actual portraits in Ultimate), the game is bare-bones as it gets, DLC was sub-par and mostly worthless, Nearly all the characters that are being added appeared in characters endings leading some to think that they were originally planned to be in the game or as DLC, the promise of an epic story was a lie, Nitsuma claiming the netcode was the “speed of light”, and NO spectator mode.

Imma get it because its better than vanella, plus what am I gonna look like going to a tournament where everyone is on umvc3 and I’m stuck on that old technology? I would have played 20 just for balances and spectator mode alone, but 12 new characters, stages, ect? Hell yes! We are in a new age people. I played dantes inferno for a week, beat it and never played it again. I played final fantasy for a month beat it and never played it again, I played god of war 3 for two weeks beat it, then beat it on chaos mode(the game was awsome) then never played it again, and every year I get madden and NBA 2k. My point is games don’t last long. Fighters r good but balances and updates keep things fresh. If this was any other game, its lifecycle would b done by now. I don’t even know why we r talking about this, everyone on here is gonna buy the game, the only question is r u gonna buy it day one or play catchup and buy it week 2.