Top 20 fighting games, we want your vote, and a copy of SCIII up for grabs!

Hey guys. Wow, it’s seemed like ages since I’ve posted here. Long time lurker I suppose you could say.

Anyway, over at, we are publishing a feature in the new year titled “The 20 best fighting games of all time”. For the last couple of months, we have been taking votes/nominations from our site visitors to determine which games make the cut and and which ones don’t. So far the responses have been fantastic but there is one demographic we are noticeably missing votes from - you guys, the competitive tournament gamers.

We plan to publish the feature early next year, and votes/nominations for the games will be closing on January 2nd. To prove we are serious about this, up for grabs for anyone who votes is a copy of Soul Calibur III. The winner will be drawn completely at random from all the people who submit votes.

Basically, the top 20 games will be the 20 games that receive the most nominations, with number 1 obviously being the one with the most of all.

There’s a few factors to consider when choosing the games you want to nominate…gameplay, balance, replay value, competitiveness, responsiveness, ingenuity, how it influenced the genre, the “hype” you get while playing it and so on.

Here’s the deal…if you want to be in the running to win the copy of SCIII, visit this page here: and follow the instructions on the page. If you don’t care about SCIII, but would like to vote anyway, you can simply post your list here in this thread. I’ll be checking it every day for any new posts. Of course you can still do it by following the above link as well.

You don’t need to submit 20 game names either…you can submit 1, or 10, or 20, or even 100 if you can think of that many. So don’t feel as if you are restricted to naming just 20. Remember the 20 games with the most votes overall are the ones that make the list.

Thanks for your time, and we look forward to receiving your nominations for the best 20 fighting games of all time!


Didn’t you guys like included SVC as one of the best fighting games of all time years ago?

For a chance to win a free fucking game, I just sent the list in anyway.

Yes we did, and we realised that the way we did it last time was a mistake. A BIG mistake. It was a crap list, and we admit that. Although the biggest blunders (like that one) were actually fixed, that list is best forgotten. We have new staff now and people who know what they are doing and talking about.

This time, we have learned from our mistakes and we are doing it the right way, and actually getting the people that count…the people that actually play the games every day and know them inside out, to determine the final list.

Edited the first post, forgot to add that you don’t need to name just 20 games in the submission.


When you say NTSC or PAL, does this include the Japanese NTSC version as well? =)

sent in mine - why not? i gave a standard top 5 of 2d fighters - probably the same as alot of people - but I’ll take a chance at a free copy of a game…

I would assume hes talking about NTSC for the US and Canada but not sure. I just sold my copy of SC3 so I don’t want another one but since its a free copy, I can sell another one.

Sent in my top 10.

If Tekken, MK, or DOA gets #1, I’m cracking skulls.

Well sent in 20 (put in a good variety) and just going to put it here.
In no order
ST, MvC2, VF4 Evo, SF A2, SSBM, 3S, Tekken 5.1, Power Stone, #R, Garou, CvS2, Rival Schools 2, MSH, MK 2, Samurai Showdown 2, DarkStalkers, KOF 98, Cyberbots, VO Marz, KOF Neowave.

Direct Linking to Chris MacDonald(Kao Megura’s) gamefaqs FAQ’s without acknlowdgement is pretty dirty. :tdown:

It’s US AND Canadian NTSC.

We’ve had permission from all of the FAQ authors to post their FAQ’s. If the author has said no we haven’t posted it. And every FAQ is unedited in it’s original form, which includes all of the writing credits.


I am going to vote just so the cheesers here don’t vote Marvel vs Capcom 2 anywhere near the top 10.

you are such a goddamn scrub

thank you for proving my point

btw i voted for vf4e, mvc2 and st

EDIT ps balance has little to do with how great a game is competitively

Yes, I am the scrub. You guys complain about the counters in DOA, SVC being broken, Capcom Fighting Evolution being too balanced, but you keep acting like this piece of crap game where you have 1 move, 60 hit combos and 136 characters, even though 132 of them are completely useless.

It has got to be the worst game for competitive fighting I have ever seen.

If this piece of shit is in the top 10, then DOA needs to be.

I laugh at your 3 squares of negative rep.

You are just jealous of my negative rep because you are actually trying to get negatives and still can’t beat me. Getting negatives without trying, now thats true skill.

Doh, we’ve exceeded our bandwidth limit for the month so that above link isn’t going to work.

Send your lists to in the meantime. The page will be back up in the new year.


you are probably just an otaku fan boy who watches anime all day, masturbates furiously to tentacle rape, and is bitter that he sucks at mvc2, since his precious anime characters(read: flaming homosexual characters like akuma) get raped. as they deserve to be.

go back to gamefaqs pls.