Top 3 easy characters to use beside Ryu?

What are the top three? Beside Ryu or ken?

Which ones are the hardest to learn( Top 3)

It entirely depends on how you view the game. A lot of top players for example think Ryu is very hard to use at a top level.

II understand that. After i have a good understanding of this game(been playing for a week) i want to use some one beside Ryu. Was reading on here and every one is saying, New people playing the game should learn to play Ryu 1st, to get a feel of the game. And after that pick amain, Just wondering who is the easy to learn combos. The Top three that i want to use, in Order is Cody, Guile and Ibuki.

Iam not looking to be a pro. Iam not going to any events just want to be able to hold my own online(Endless battle)
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Ryu teaches you fundamentals in this game (Even though I think you’d be better off playing ST/3S if you want to learn fundamentals). As for combos, this game’s execution requirement is rather low in my opinion but if you are new just pick characters with motions/links you find easy or pick a character that doesn’t rely on combos. Guile sounds like the best bet if you are worried about execution, but you really should just play who you like.

Guile is a terrible choice for an easy execution character. Cody has pretty good options that can be improved with your execution.

Why? He is like 100% fundamentals. He won’t improve your execution obviously, but he definitely relies a lot more on footsies and solid keepaway.

  1. Fei Long
  2. Sakura
  3. M.Bison

Saying this from my own experience. These three are rather easy to use as far as combos and basic game play is considered. Can’t say about 2012 patch though since I’m playing on PC.

Sakura is a character that requires good dexterity skills, has 1 frame links in her bnbs, and is heavly dependent on combos/resets.
My top 3 easy chars (no particular order):

  • Blanka
  • Bison
  • Balrog
    Hardest to learn:
  • Gen
  • Dhalsim
  • El Fuerte
    There are others too, but these are my picks. Regarding your picks:
  • Cody: very easy (good choice for begginers)
  • Guile: easy
  • Ibuki: difficult

Ken, you’ll like him if you’re a Ryu player

Do you want an “easy” char that gives you a quickstart and teaches fundamentals, or do you want to get as many wins as possible online asap, not caring that you don’t learn shit? That’d be a kind of important differentiation.

what characters do you think you can get easy wins without learning much ?

Dictator, Blanka, Boxer can all rumble their way through the leaderboards by holding crouchback and spamming random specials.
You don’t learn anything from fullscreen headstomping and occasional>l.scissors,,>l.scissors etc and you win A LOT.

The number one Balrog on PSN basically relies on turn around punch gimmicks and the only combo he can do is headbutt to ultra.

Bison is definitely easier to use than Ryu (and pretty much every other character)…
Ryu actually needs some execution and a few basics to get him to work.
with Bison you need like 5 things and you’re set…

slick sig paceyz… no one knows you’re a dog lol! Every char has nuances that will have to have some serious work put into them, but chars that have good options right from the get go are chars with good buttons and easier combos like rog,bison,chun. Honorable mentions go to Rufus for his fairly ridiculous mixup and the general difficultly new comers[also the rest of the world] have with DKs, Honda for the general difficulty new comers have with not pressing buttons, and ryu the solid all rounder. Special mention goes to the shenanigans crew Blanka/Gief/Hawk but really those guys won’t take you very far.

Hmm, I disagree here. You won’t gonna win much by just spamming balls or dashes. After all, the same things could be said for Ryu/Ken. you can just spam Fbs/srks. And I’ve met quite a lot of Ken spammers, but few Blanka/Bison/Balrog ones.
I think if you want to win, you have to learn the basics: to AA properly, use reversals, which moves are safe/unsafe, maximize your punishments, learn to block, etc. Without this you won’t gonna win but against the noobs. But some chars. are easier getting into than others. Blanka-Balrog-Bison are all very begginer friendly because they don’t have many complicated stuff, and don’t have any obvious weaknesses (at least at low/mid level play). And you can learn the game with any character (I strongly disagree with “play Ryu first”).

But then which characters do you think are good for a begginer (which also teaches you the fundamentals ?)

Hmm, not to answer for him but I was going to give it to bison since he has what might be the best button in the game and actually safe pressure, but I think its rog. With an easy go-to AA [c.fp] great buttons [all versions of jab, s. hk,…] newly renewed dmg, easy ways into ultra, fast walk/dash speed, etc etc. Shitty focus attack but you can’t win them all - he’s a great starter char. And he has a lot of depth since as time goes on he struggles more and more against stabler players lending itself to searching for creative solutions.

The thing is, the latter two are very easily punisheable. Fireballs without proper spacing eat a into full combo, SRKs are punisheable by raw Ults. Dash Punches, Honda Headbutts (how could I forget this guy!), Scissor Kicks etc are virtually untouchable.
Lowlevel Boxer is pretty much this (apologies for not making this beautiful, I did it while semidrunk a while back), and lowlevel whatever else can’t defend against that whatsoever. Then at some point later, they do sometimes, add cr.hp to anti air and TAP against Fireballs, and with that they’re good to go. At 2k PP, Boxers still wakeup Jab.

Till which level is “against the noobs”? I win against 2-2.5k PP players by crouchback, anti airing and punishing unsafe specials because they all just randomly mash.


Ryu, Cody, Fei, Sagat, possibly Gouken and for the hardcore crew Rose all teach fundamentals, have a lot of different tools and bar the latter aren’t really difficult to play (Sagat later becomes hard, but that’s… later) and are less likely to fall into the flowchart trap (or rather, it stops working a lot sooner).

I agree that Balrog (Boxer) is probably the easiest to start with. Like it was already said most of he stuff isn’t very punishable, and he has solid AAs. I think that one of the hardest things about SSFIV when you’re just starting out is doing DP FADC Ultra, which is why I also disagree with the start with Ryu attitude because that’s a big part of his game. I also disagree with whoever said Honda’s headbutt is untouchable as the headbutt is extremely punishable–at least it is with the chars I play Dudley(Rolling Thunder/MGB)/Seth(Ultra 1/Super).

Balrog will teach you how to play defensively, he’s got good damage output, doesn’t rely too much on combos, and his sweep, pokes, and jabs are all excellent. I also think that the jab xx jab, short xx Headbutt will teach you the basics of linking and comboing. Cody’s not a bad choice either.

Oh and the best thing to do would be to start with the trials of course.

bison, adon, rog, fei long