Top 3 Guile players in the world?

This vid got posted in M.Bison’s matchup thread in response to the new Guile v. Dic match being 7-3 Guile according to some new teir list on eventhubs.

Another comment was made about this Guile player isn’t so good, so the matchup is really about skill and has nothing really to do with how the characters play.
My response was that is Geom MoDinside one of the best Guiles there is,
and now I’m thinking this kid is dumb. Then he replied there are alot of better Guile players out there and this guy isnt that good compared to some of them.

So now I was wondering what the guys who really know, is the Top 3 to 5 SF4 Guile players?
Hopefully Geom is one of them so I can go back and tell this person they really have no clue what the fuck they are talking about and send him to look at this post…

I suck at this match up and have never considered it 7-3 guile. Bison footsies scare the shit out of me. There is a really good bison that lives near me who i play often, AndyOCR. He has helped me a lot with this match up but he wins the majority of our matches. I do think guile has the advantage but i think it is slight. Again, i suck at this match so it might jut be me.

As for best guile’s in the world that is totally subjective. Dagger G is the best guile on this side of the world no question.
Too hard to rank all the japanese guiles, i still really like yoshiwo.

I’d agree with this match-up not being 7-3; Dictator vs. Guile is either 5-5 or 6-4.

As for the “top 3-5 Guiles”: it’s not possible to know. Geom is one of the solid continental US Guiles (but there are quite a few more on these boards) and Dagger G may well be the top Guile in the US. Japan’s level of exposure is high, but we don’t see very many Guile players as NSB and TRF are the only consistently uploaded events. Europe, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc all have great players, but I couldn’t name any.
I’m probably the best Guile in Oceania*, but that’s like a Siamese fighting fish saying he’s the best fish in the tank :wink:

  • There’s a chance someone on PC or 360 might challenge my claim, but on PSN and arcade, the bulk of the people playing Guile down here have no clue what they’re doing.

lol neither me or geom is a continental US player.

I know you aren’t, but Geom? Is he the South American?


ahem read that comment on the bottom :tup:

lol all jokes aside ima hafta to say yoshiwo and dagger are in my top guile list

he is columbian. BTW at the box hill tournament I played Edi’s Akuma and after having a substantial life lead, he came back an won it. Those long suffocating combos he executes are so disgusting, but I love his style. :rock:

I don’t understand why the Bison match up is 7-3 Guile either. When I saw that I was like “what the fuck did I miss?” I really can’t tell you who the best Guile players in the world are. I’ve seen some Japanese players vids but not enough of them to give a legit opinion on the players over there. I know Dagger_G is probably the best the US has to offer though. GeoM is also very good, and someone I didn’t see mention is a guy named Rebelo. His Guile is a beast. He is from Canada though. His name on here is “flattop” I believe.

Top Guile is dagger G. hands down.

Geom and Rebelo(why no mention of our top Canadian Guile player saddens me.)

Those are my picks for this side of the world.

I think Edi may have beaten me once, back in the day :wink:
He started fiddling with Guile and was all “how the hell do you charge so fast?”

Proud to say I took Rebelo in a round doing Guile on Guile a day or so ago. I just think I caught him off guard though lol. He’s definitely the man. Dream Theater is pretty good as well.

Being a Bison player, let me shed some light for you guys. I know this is all theory and works greaaaaat on paper but bear with me:

?Throw a sonic boom. We can block high (dont want to eat an overhead), focus (eat a backhand/sweep), jump over it (air grab or cr. fp). Once we have meter, we can EX SK through it. But until then, we can try building meter by DR’ing, but we land on sonic booms.

Well im really tired so thats all im going to type right now. But pretty much, if we jump at you, you can do anything to us. If we sit back and block the SBs, we get pushed to the corner and molested. Its very hard (for me at least) to get IN on Guile.

I’m pretty sure all top Guile players live in Japan: Nico Nico Mark [media=youtube]gU1sJdscdDs, Yoshiwo, Fujisawa, and a recent favorite, **Seijuurou **[/media]

Geom is DEFINITELY up there with amazing execution that defies online lag. I don’t know who i could rank as best in the world however, as alot of Guiles counter each other.

Rebelo,Modinside,Fuson, Dagger G, various japanese guiles, in no particular order

I…have absolutely no clue how bison vs guile could possibly be 7-3 in favour of Guile. Even though guile can counter alot of his moves, alot of good players aren’t going to just spam them and an angry bison rushing you down is SCARY. It’s one of those matches that just makes me wonder, like how suddenly sagat has a 6-4 on ryu which just doesn’t make sense to me

ima try to turn this into a bison strat discussion

Anyways the way bisons usually get in on me is by blocking booms and walking in. Boom is 12 chip, it shouldnt be feared. when bison gets in footsie range he can punish guiles slower normals by focusing through them and throwing. I tend to run myself into the corner because i suck and i play this match way too defensively. I try to play the whole thing on reaction. i think you need to be somewhat aggressive in this match as guile, if you’re not willing to walk in and hit normals you will probably have trouble. Do not walk yourselves into the corner fellow guiles! being cornered by bison sucks.

Yeah, no way is that a 7-3 matchup. Sagat vs Guile is a 7-3. And I think everyone will agree that that matchup is worse for Guile than it is for Bison against Guile. As for top 3 I don’t know but from what I’ve seen Dagger, Fuson and Geom here / Yoshiwo and Fujisawa in JP.

What would you guys say defines the best though? Is it competition placement? Is it documented quality online play? Is it early discovery of character possibilities? Is it arcade domination? Combo execution? Is it a combination of all?

If Geom makes a heavy impact online with consistent quality play in random online matches over a long period of time, but Dagger_G is the highest ranking live competition Guile at notable events does one outweigh the other?

I think Geom has a fine Guile. Admittedly I wasn’t much of a fan of the way he played at first. But over time, he’s become really solid. I think he could handle offline competition to a degree. But it’s much different when you’re playing online matches from the comfort of your home, and going to a tournament with serious players. Sometimes you can be taken completely out of your game due to external pressure, and sometimes it makes you feel better. Some just don’t have it, like a friend of mine. A great casual player who can hang with the best, but is lousy in tournaments. I wouldn’t call Geom the best Guile until he’s played quality offline competition. I think he gets a lot of people’s votes because he’s very flashy though,

In terms of the best Guile, it would have to be Dagger G or Yoshio. Both have grinded it hard, and have done well at tournaments. Nico Nico Mark is another noteworthy Japanese player. Within only a few months he got 40k + BP, and has placed well a numerous TRFs. Furasan is also good too.

Yazu is the mystery Guile. no one is sure just how good he is, but he is damn good. I read on youtube that his arcade does not releae videos anymore, so seeing his gamplay is very rare. However whenever we do see him, he does well. He also is the only grandmaster Guile. I know Hiko was a grandmaster at one time, but not sure if he is anymore. However due to lack of vids of him, it’s hard to make a real judgement about how good he is. He doesn’t live in Tokyo, so he probably can’t attend TRFs too often. I still think he may be the best Guile player in the world, but it’s very hard to see any of his stuff. He’s kind of like Guile’s version of Bouyan (the top ranked Zangief player that has no videos anywhere).

I would say that a person who is winning tournaments is ranked more torwards the best over someone who plays online and gets alot of wins

Uhh adaptability. Sometimes they can rushdown, sometimes they turtle, they can be a threat from everywhere on the screen and you can see them adapting to different situations that maybe they aren’t familiar with. I’m not sure who gets my vote there like i said, i think it may be impossible to determine unless they had a Guile vs Guile tourney somewhere.

But, Modinside is by far the flashiest Guile i’ve ever seen