Top 3 Guile players in the world?

It’s an interesting topic but from what I can gather and what I see Geom is not even in the top 5. That of course is my opinion.

do mirrors prove who the better player is? i always felt that it showed who was better at the mirror, and nothing else.

Well, I will say mirror matches don’t prove who the better overall player is. Back when I was playing 3s, I had a friend just pick Urien (whom I was using at the time). He didn’t do anything with him but tackles, and do a lot of random stuff. He beat me pretty bad. Somtimes in mirror matches, you can psyche yourself out becsause you know that character well, and you may be expecting or not expecting certain things. It’s like that when I use Guile. When I use Guile against a really scrub Guile, I’ll probably get owned. I don’t expect Guile to jump in so much or abuse cr.HK every other second. So I can get hit because there are a lot of things that throw me off guard. If I play against a really solid Guile, that’s only when the match becomes interesting.

In either case, it’s really hard to tell who is the best at any given character without mirror matches (though I don’t think they prove much).

For a long time, people considered RX the best Urien in Japan mainly because of his consistency and his results against top players.   Very few people put Messatsu over him, though he was the flashier of the two.

The same somewhat applies to Muteki Guile versus Kurahashi Guile. Both are top Guile players in Japan, but everyone puts Muteki first (this is ST BTW). They did mirror and Muteki did win. But he’s not considered the better Guile because of it, it’s because his winning percentage in tournaments is much higher.

 Another intersting point is that Gian was considered, and is considered the best ST Dhalsim in Japan.  But some results show this guy named Harase (I'm probably butchering the spelling) sligtly above him based on winning percentage.

In terms of how any other “best Guile is guaged” then Yazu is the best Guile in Japan. Though I don’t think he’s that far above Yoshio, who probably has half the BP he does. Also people like Dagger G or Fuson have no real formal system to guage where they stand, unless they personally play against Japanese Guiles.

I played a FT5 with Rebelo like 2 or 3 weeks ago and I took a number of rounds, not a whole lot, but he always took the match. Lol Rebelo is definitely a great Guile. I have to make sure to record the set next time.

Geom plays in tourneys. I don’t think it’s that often but he does play in them. If I’m not mistaken he won the National Tourney for Columbia and is the current Champ. As a matter of fact he is playing in another National Tourney in the next week or so. He put it up on his Youtube page.

He did win a Colombian national tournament, but that was shortly after the game was released, and the level wasn’t very high. So that’s not exactly the best indicator of how he plays offline. I belive the Colombian national tournament had to be in April or March 2009. I’m not putting him down. I’m just saying is that we all can shine online or in casual play. It’s just when you get into tournaments, a lot of things change. There is this local Sagat player who I can pretty much go toe to toe with in a casuals. However in tournament play things really change. He makes a lot less mistakes and take a lot less risk. The fact that you’re about to be eliminated really does change a lot.

I’m not doubting Geom is a good player. He may even be a great player. But the bottomline is, until he starts to really play people offline, there is no way he can be considered the best Guile, especially over names like Dagger G, Fuson, Yazu, Yoshio, or Fujisawa.

this is simple i can name the best 5 guiles of all time. think about it, r0nbath, r0nbath,…r0nbath r0nbath and r0nbath

i’ve always said that i thought bison beats guile. look at the match/tactics thread. i’ve been saying it for months lol. there is NO WAY guile beats bison 7-3.

i’m not even going to get involved in the geom debate again. dagger g is the best guile in the world, hands down.

Bison definitely doesn’t have an advantage over Guile. It’s not an easy matchup, but it’s not hard either. All you have to do is run away from him, zone him and keep your distance. He doesn’t have a lot of SAFE answer to any of it. Your anti-airs dominate him as well. Though you have to play him lame, Guile still have stuff Bison just can’t get around. I wouldn’t say it’s 7-3 though, but Guile has a definitely advantage.

Now if you try to play him offensively, then you’re going to get raped for free

which is pretty much my problem, lol.

Alot of factors need to be considered. How patient is a particular player that day? How focused is he? How does he do against other players? Who is his bad match and why? How does he adapt to it? Win percentage? Comeback ability?

ok guys next time i fight a bison i will record it and show you guys why hes free i wouldnt say 7-3 i would say 6-4 for guile

that would be cool.

I would agree with this. I’m also very aggressive with him. Well, I am very aggressive with everyone unless the match starts going bad. Bison can be rather easy to control defensively but I tend to get bored with that style. His corner traps are particularly viscous.

imstilldadaddy is the best guile i have played. I dont know if he is in any tournaments but I think he is great. I usually beat a high ranker atleast once. with him I cant win one but I’m gettting better. All these guys in tournaments are good but I wanna play them myself cause I see mistakes all the time that i wouldnt do in youtube battles i see online.

xbox tag: pop15eye if anyone high rankers wanna battle

I remember a match we played. Your Guile is really good.

hey i didnt know you were here lol. What’s up man? yours is good too. Those battles are fun

The Guile players that impress me are Yazu, Yoshiwo and Fujisawa/niconico mark/Kaomiji (same person, just in case you guys dont know).

Yoshiwo’s defense is solid. Fujisawa is very entertaining. Yazu gets the job done. love this video of Yazu, taking down the no 2. Ryu in Japan. [media=youtube]X_AFO1af3vc[/media]

Also, Furansujin and Ruikunpapa aint bad either.

I remember watching a set of videos posted up by LordAborgine. It was a 13on13 tourney where Furansujin took out 8 of them in row

Great topic. I have been playing Ryboy’s Dictator for about a year and he gives me fits all the time. I do not see how it could possibly be a 7-3 matchup for Guile. Maybe 6-4 but more likely 5-5 in my opinion. Yes, Guile has more counter options but he is vulnerable to a rushdown due to his slower normals. Bison also has better overall damage and set ups for his ultra, at least against me. I am an average Guile player and have not played many other Bisons more than a few times so there is something to be said for familiarity between players, not just characters. Ryboy’s Bison is solid so some of you other XBL Guiles should play him, then give me some pointers, lol.