Top 3S players in Japan, currently?

I was looking up YouTube matches to try to find the best current Japanese players for certain 3S characters and study their technique/strategy. I’m mainly concerned about 3 characters. Offhand, I can’t think of any well-known Elena players: perhaps because none exist? Who’re the current best Dudleys, if Fujiwara and Kokujin retired [Jima, 178, Hong (AU player though)]? The best Ryu is Ruu, Vanao, or formerly Georgia? Any info regarding players would be appreciated.


AFAIK, best Dudley is Aiku and best Ryu is Namijin.

Lets show RX, Aruka, Deshiken some love. Those dudes have such depth in there game its morbidly depressing the level it shows others to be at, even expert players.

these are my opinions

urien: RX
ken: deshiken
ryu: ryuu
dudley: aiku/jima/teacher
yang: ko/boss
yun: nitto/yuki/issei
chun: nuki/mov
akuma: jiro/match
makoto: j?/c-13?.. havn’t seen many makotos
ibuki: aruka
necro: pino/sugiyama
hugo: ysb/hayao
sean: the sean player from acho (sean dk?)
Q: TK/Koruda
elena: ?
alex: ksk/zangeof/genki
twelve: yamazaki
oro: dirty music/thanatos

No love for Roshi at Yang?

Roshi’s Yang is better than KO’s.It will take forever to find the video,but I do recall Roshi demolishing KO in a mirror match.

Roshi has been playing Yang for a while now,KO just got away from Yun to start playing with Makoto and Yang about year and a half ago at the most?

^ I know you said in your opinion, but surely Roshihikari deserves a mention for his Yang?

Edit: Beaten to it by Biolink.

hehe it’s like Remy doesn’t even count as a character. And seriously, NOBODY over there is known for playing Elena seriously?

Also, I don’t believe for one second that there are any competitive players who consistently pick Sean.

1st, one match doesn’t mean anything, especially in a game like 3s, which is played with a lot of mixups. A few bad choices and you get creamed.

2nd, it is wrong to think that you can say who’s the best yang player just by watching mirror matches. What about all the other matchups ?

Best Remy I am thinking is Pierrot.There is also Shmaonji,and Take.

@ Professor Jones

You are right,which is why I will just say outright that Roshi has a better Yang than KO.I am not saying that Roshi is a better overall player than KO,but Roshi has been using Yang alot longer than KO,and honestly I can’t think of any better way to compare their Yang’s other than to search for every video against top players,with them using Yang,and then compare the results.The alternative would be to have them Mirror Match 50 or so times,and if one guy jumps out far ahead then you ,make your analysis

Sean P. plays Sean as his main. He was on a team for this or last year’s SBO I think, and yeah I haven’t seen any prominent Elena players. Combofiend’s the only one I can think of, and even then he plays Ken half the time.

Japanese Elena players : Umemon, HMV

Pointless beyond belief.

roshihikari is still a better YANG player, he knows more character specifics for sure. and mirror matches show how much you know about your character vs the other player. experience helps a lot but by playing that character you should have all the knowledge to win in that matchup

I’m not saying that KO is a better yang player, I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m just saying that you can’t say that roshi has a better yang than KO just by watching their mirror matches.

Haha, all he asked for was Ryu, Dudley and Elena players.

wow ko stop playing yun for one year and you don’t mention him. i’m pretty sure if ko were to decide to use yun next years SBO he wouldn’t have a big problem getting top 4. as for elena, wasn’t there some guy who cosplayed elena in SBO 4 who got pretty far. anyone remember his name.



he’s not currently playing yun… he said currently.

Im having computer probs, so Ill try to make this quick.

THANKS for everyones input, and I agree with 99% of whats been said, but Id like to make a few suggestions if the following might be actively playing right now.

Akuma Junin
Chun Tokido, Koshun, Rikimaru
Makoto - Izu
Necro Uni
Urien Senaka, Messatsou, Ushi
Yun Boss, Mester (whos Yuki? lol)

I forget the names of another good Ibuki and another good 12.

I forgot about MOV and I only saw ONE good YT vid so far with Elena doing well but I dunno if its still online. I think the player beat a Urien. Combofiend also uses Yun and sometimes Ken indeed, but I heard he uses Oro? BuffOtaku is the other good Elena but I dont think either of them play anymore L

Is Totsuka/EroticTeacher as good as the others? I NEVER saw him win a match thats on YT, I think. Is Ichiro good?

Deshikens pretty good, then? I saw YT matches of Nacchan and Mokomokofu (sp?), but I dont know them that well. Georgia plays Ken now but used to use Ryu?

I only recently found out about Spellmaster J and Thanatos.

JR Rodriguez whoops me (oddly enough, I use Elena against him, or maybe Dudley to win sometimes). I showed him some Jiro YT matches and he wasnt impressed, and I also dont think I could have a harder against an Akuma than against JRR lol

KO could still be the best Yun but he isnt an active Yun player (taking a break?).

Sean is the character that doesnt count! jk lol. Some still say hes better than Q though.