Top 5 2D Fighter Maker 2002 Games

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but, whatever.


Made this for people who are interested in freeware doujin fighting games.
This is my personal opinion.
Enjoy, rate and favorite.

Lack of VanPri aside. The video is just too long. No need to spend 2 minutes on every single game.

I didn’t like Vanguard Princess at all, and I think 2 rounds is all right, but thanks for the feedback.

Vanguard Princess IS the best thing to come out of using FM2k2.

Shame on you. Seriously, game shits on everything else you listed.

I think it’s unfair to have Vanguard on that list since it’s obviously the best fighting game to come out of that engine.


The lack of Vanguard Princess is just proof you don’t know what you’re talking about.

No Vanguard Princess?
Fuck this shit.


I just remembered another FG maker 2002 game that is better than the games on that list Dong Dong Never Die.

Yeah, but that game is great for all the wrong reasons :rofl:

Special nominations for Super Strip Fighter 4, and all the other fighting games made by StudioS :rofl:

DONG DONG NEVER DIE is the best fighting game I’ve played in the last 10 years

Destruction Desire deserves a spot on any top Fighter Maker list. Though that may have been pre-FM2k2, that game is pretty old.

Isn’t destruction desire something like a game build to showcase the capabilities of FM?

Prepare to block likes\dislikes for this video.

Also EoRr is very generic MB clone that doesn’t deserves 1st place.
And that dude which make BREAKERS SPECIAL and ZERO FIGHTERS just crap out low quality fighters one after another. What a waste of talent.

SCWU is better than all the fighters listed in that video.

I called Gamestop and asked for Dong Dong Never Die but they didn’t have it.

They DID have Battletoads, oddly enough

Probably because it isn’t a mugen-like “OMG combos” type of game.

No. i don’t like Vanguard Princess because everything is too flashy and colorful, I can’t find my character, and I can’t see what’s going on! I was actually looking forward for this game because of the simple combos, but my eyes ruined it all. I’m sorry.
About Dong Dong Never Die, I forgot about it, but is it free? I put only free games on the list.

Too colorful? You must be white.

Yes, I’m just like Zangief.