Top 5 Favorite Cross Assault Entries

Curious to see where the fighting game community stands on there favorite 5 entries for each team.

Personally, my top fives after seeing near all of them, besides the trolling ones.

Team Street Fighter

  1. Xian
  2. Justin Wong
  3. Ricky Ortiz
  4. Renic
    5 Toss ups… Mike Ross, Shady K, Fubarduck etc

Team Tekken
1 Tasty Steve
2 Arthur “Red” Hill
3 ATL Anakin
4 FlashMetroid
5 Toss ups Jinmaster, Dacidbro, Chris G, Perfect Legend, FilipinoChamp

That’s all I have weighing in Skills in both games, credentials, charisma, humor and marketability.

  1. Honzogonzo
  2. Shady K
  3. Renic
  4. Zhi
  5. Xian

I have not watched many of them but honzogonzo’s had me rolling

Sadly, Xian might be disqualified since he isn’t a US citizen.

Zhi might qualify though since I think he is.