Top 5 female SF4 players

  1. Miyuki
  2. Stacy
  3. Kai’s GF
  4. Jay Jay
  5. Theresa

honorary mention - BFO

Miyuki is so sick with it! She beasts on top ranked professionals like nothing. I think Black Pyro has done a commendable job giving her various pointers with Abel.



Miyuki is too sick with that abel


Edit: I concede that Hafu is the best WoW player


Naomi is pretty gdlk at jew puncher + cvs2 & 4




Good to know cvs2 is still being played.




what about tatsu?
ya’ll nigs hating on tatsu!


There was a SC4 Naomi at Devastation that did pretty damn well. Is that the same as mentioned above?


these girls didn’t let me play casuals with them at dizelan

i guess i’m not pretty enough for them :arazz:


tatsu you’re the prettiest grrl in the world.

also the best at sf4 :lovin:


Cmon, this is not a matchmaking thread.

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Cmon, this is not a matchmaking thread.

Moved to sf4 forum


Beatmania? That game is awesome. The execution needed for that game(assuming 7 key) is just completely insane.


JAYJAY is dank.


ya beatmania has strict timing unlike american beat games… go Stacy!


Oh my I can’t thank you enough Johann for introducing me to IIDX Beatmania and refraining me from ever trying that piece of shit guitar game thing hero something or I don’t know the shit that people make a big deal out of it W?G I don’t know enough typing about that shitty game.

Your so right Christian about that list I couldn’t have put it any better <3 ~ !


lol! This thread is too funny! And yeah, I play the 7 key version. I agree with the list too! Thank you Christian. <3


Top female wow player? I don’t buy that. Theres girls in finals of worldwide wow tourneys, who aren’t miyuki.

Seriously disappointed with severe lack of photos in this thread. Don’t lie, thats why you all clicked.


This thread is useless without pics.