Top 5 fighting games that reward you for being the better player


You mean " Top 5 fighting games that reward you for being the better guessing player"

You must be new here.

What is certainty? Is certainty even certain? Are you sure? If so, how can you be so sure?

Argue semantics, get fed semantics.

I wouldn’t say guessing. But how would you describe how to play a fighting game? The better player is the one who gets things done, but what hes asking is which game allows the better player to get things done all the time. If you have a fixed 100% fool proof way of winning every match versus every person, then I’d like to hear it. The most rewarding fighting game is the one that gives the most defense and offense tools so that the greater player has a higher chance of getting a perfect without using any combos.

That kinda seems like what is the most balanced game. Because any game with a match up that isn’t next to impossible would qualify. If any case, I’m stumped and I’d go to one of the other threads.

I’m still a bit old, and slowly getting into the new gen. But, I keep hearing SSF4 or BBCS2.

But this is from someone who has been playing Ky in every guilty gear X2, and that’s the only game I can speak for these days.

Ahh, I get it. This is a troll thread in lieu of: Which is the best COMEBACK system in any fighting games?

Top 5 that reward the better player?
[]Insert Fighting game that’s NOT SSB or DoA
]Insert Fighting game that’s NOT SSB or DoA
[]Insert Fighting game that’s NOT SSB or DoA
]Insert Fighting game that’s NOT SSB or DoA
[*]Insert Fighting game that’s NOT SSB or DoA
Now, if you’re asking what our top 5 FAVORITE fighting games are…

[]Marvel vs. Capcom 2
]Super SF 2 Turbo
[]Capcom vs SNK 2
]Guilty Gear Accent Core+
* Street Fighter 3: Third Strike / Cyberbots
After thinking about it, the OP’s question…
Marvel 2, Guilty Gear, 3S, CvS2, and Virtua Fighter.
I’ve never seen any games that have a bigger gap between top players > good players > scrubs+newbies. I feel like in all of those games, a “good player” doesn’t even stand a chance against a top player. I’m a good player in all of those (sans VF), and I’ll never beat Justin Wong or Daigo in any of them. I’m a “good player” in Super Turbo, but I took a few rounds against NKI in casuals at Evo2k7…
Anyway, now that 6:30am shows I have no logic, disregard everything you just read.

That is why the better guesser wins.


Street Fighter IV probably rewards you the most for being the better player because the prize pots for it are so huge these days.


You are making it seem like that’s a problem exclusive to 3s, bro.

Come on, bro. I don’t lose my train of thought that easily. Bro, come on, bro.

But… butt… Bikini Karate Babes…

3rd Strike.

I’m genuinely impressed that Virtua Fighter was mentioned only once…

wait…why am I being serious?

it doesnt have shaq

Yes it is a problem exclusive to 3s, sis.

Come on, sis. You know I hate being wrong. Sis, come on, sis. Hear me out sisssssssss!!!


My vote is for Battle Raper, because the game rewards the better player by letting them rape the worse player.

I actually like the idea. What game deeply seperates the pros from the casuals?

Good question. Too tired to think of options, but I just wanted to clear the air if I could.

MK since you get to do fatalities and stuff.

Definitely Shaq Fu. You have to be the better player to play that shit for more than 2 minutes.