Top 5 hardest execution chars


Who would you guys rate as the hardest execution characters? Ive always liked the challenge of using execution heavy chars. My top 5 in this order is (from hardest to easier)



I guess it depends on what kind of combos you usually go for. Everyone has some fairly difficult stuff.


Iron Man
Doctor Strange

Honorable Mentions:



I agree with Duck Strong, generally the most optimal combos with double assist extensions for the most of the cast can be difficult unless you are playing Hulk or Wolverine or something. But I think the following are the most execution heavy from what I’ve read and tried:
-Chun Li
-Shuma Gorath
-Iron Man
-Dante(If you are counting shot loops, otherwise not really)’
-Rocket Raccoon for 5th

Then Toss up between:
-Strange/Morrigan/X-23/ and maybe Viper’s BK fient stuff but I’m not sure

This is combo wise only though. Neutral wise it’s Morrigan or C.Viper without a doubt.

Edit: Remembered Rocket Racoon.


spiderman is the hardest character in the game


Jill and Morrigan might not make top 5, but they do deserve consideration.


Viper isn’t hard unless you do like BK feints.
But yeah Morrigan, Zero, Chun, more



I’ve never understood the point of threads like these.




execution in this game is a joke compared to mvc2.


plays 3s just to troll

I DIED laughing at this lol…thats exactly what I do :rofl: shit is comedy gold online


Hulk might be hard, but Haggar is the monster of execution, you need to press two buttons to perform lariat… TWO freaking buttons!! that’s like a Hyper.

Did I mention that he has 3 variations of :h: in the air? You can’t just hold up after a jump or you will get a headbutt, shit is dumb.


its true, hardcore 3s players/fanboys think its some super advanced technical fighter.

Back then I never got the hang of 3s yun, but after using rufus and twins in sf4, using 3s yun is walk in the park.


-Iron Man




Shuma Gorath is hard yeah. his combos are all iffy.


Idk about magneto up there. I would put dante for gun shot loops above him. I’m probably biased tho since I’ve used magneto throughout vanilla and like 5 months of ultimate, and I’ve spent a total of like 1-2 hours with dante.

  1. Shuma-Gorath. Charge Partitioning and precise timing is just too bullshit for me. He’s like MvC2 Dhalsim in his beyond-theoretical execution.
  2. C. Viper. Between rapid-seismos and BK-Feint staircase loops, she has lotss of tough motions and links.
  3. Chun-Li. Stomp IAD loops need REALLY precise timing, as does her birds-eye-view TAC infinite.
  4. Doctor Strange. FotF Loops are impossible, lemme tell ya.
  5. Magneto. Takes a good amount of execution, and good reactions for his air-to-air confirms.


chun li by far the hardest


Not sure if I agree with Doctor Strange being in the top 5, maybe in the top 10.

Sure FoF loops are hard, mostly due to weird spacing and timing issues; I still don’t have them down perfectly.

But with characters like Magnus, Iron Man, etc my execution has to be on point or I can’t do shit with them. I feel like certain characters require fast execution while others require more unique spacing and timing.

All I know is that I can use Doctor Strange pretty well during most parts of the day. But waking up and immediately playing Magnus is almost impossible for me. (Just an example)

I’m sure others feel differently, though.


[haven’t tried Chun, and very little Spidey, so they will not get mentioned]

Exclusively about combos:
1. Dr. Strange
I find FoF Loops very hard, and extensions with assists sometimes have very hard timings.
2. C.Viper
BK Feint loops, extensions require timing (Ryuenjin, some require double Seismos), double seismos etc, tiger knees require for some extensions and solo relaunches with meter.
3. Magneto
Midscreen and Corner ROMs, EMP Loop and raw tag combo setups, SJ height hit confirms, blast combos etc.
4. Zero
Lightning Loop, “meter perfect” and “modified/better” lightning loops, requires very low to the ground divekicks to combo off throws, awkard hit confirms require fast inputs to get down to the ground quickly with the teleport after buter, extensions require timing, tac combos require like 2 2-frame links. And also solo throw pickups that are very specific and require 1 frame links or so.
5. Shuma
Charge partitioning, timing on relaunches and when to press buttons (like when you try you get the j.:s: for the knockdown later in the combo). Sometimes, you even have to delay the OTG ray correctly. so the bombs explode at the correct time.

A neutral game list could be really similar in my opinion. For anyone that has tried Shuma’s combos before, they are not that bad, but definitively harder than most of the cast.

Rest of the Top 10 for me:

6. Dante: Shot Loops and overall timing in combos, TK Acid Rain, some extensions require timing, j.:d::h::h::h: extensions (combos after air grab, after cross-up sky dance in the corner).
7. M.O.D.O.K: Timing on extensions can get very tight, overall timing required in combos (laser into add j.:s:, loops like “ROM” and cr.:h: > j.:m: loops), correct inputs for Hyper Battering Ram Loops.
8. Iron-Man: overall timing required in combos, extensions are easy, but tac combos are hard (air to ground).
9. Doom: Timing required on the more advanced combos (both in the corner and midscreen), forward throw pickup, tac infinite and tac combos.
10. Rocker Raccoon: don’t know much, but Boulder Loop was enough for me.

And with the exceptions with a few other characters (Akuma, Morrigan etc.), everybody else is extremely extremely easy when it comes to combos. The game is very easy in general.