Top 5 real old school fighter

ive been a neo owner since 94, and was into fighters way before that like back in 91/92 (actually since way back in the yie are kung fu days on my uncles comodore) when i bought my snes with sf2ww. now i consider games like FFS, SSF2T, aof2, SS2 and KOF’s till 95 to be old school. these games worked on the old ass graphics before shit actually started looking nice and better animated (darkstalkers, SS3, LB, alpha). of these old school fighters which do you think is the best and if you feel like it add why. dont worry, ill go first for you chicken heads.

my personal top 5 of best old school fighters.

1- KOF 95. this was probably the last (or one of the last) old school fighters made with the ugly ass graphics and all. still looks pretty decent as it was the last of the dinosaurs to roam the earth.

2- SSII. this is a fun a truly great game even today. like 95, i couldnt decide which one should be first and which second. in the end of the day both are great games but SS only got shittier while kof kept improving.

3- SSF2T. the last old school sf game. complete with them ugly ass graphics and with some newly added damn nice looking frames to boot (chun’s d-u+k and such). best of the old sf games along with sf2t but this still remains superior in every possible way.

4- FFS. i consider FF3 to be one of the newer fighters compared to this. FF3 was to snk what SFA was to capcom, the last olds chool FF was special. i rank this baby as high as SSF2T, but if the choice had to be made i think i have to place SSF2T higher. not because it better, cause both are equally impressive. but thats just the way it is.

5- kabuki clash. yeah theres other fighters to choose from. but i actually enjoyed this game back in the arcade. theres more old schoolers that impressed back then, talking bout AOF1&2, double dragon, world heroes, karnovs revenge and a lot more oldies. id take this any day over games like galaxy fight or savage reign or gan gan or mortal kombat. since i gotta have a nr5 ill take kabuki clash as my pic.

lets hear it geezers.

kof 95 is crazy maybe ill edit a list l8r

edit how old is kabuki? it qualifies as oldschool?

You only put ST on that list so people won’t call you a SNK fanboy.
No, don’t try to make excuses, you know it’s the truth.:wasted:

capcom doesnt have old school fighters besides the sf2 series. and kabuki clash is 94, same age as SSF2T, and SSII and KOF94. i dont care about fanboying BS, i like quality fighters. and ST is the only quality fighter capcom made in its old school era. im not gonna put 3 or 4 different sf2 games in a list of 5 now am i, ST, HF, CE, WW then MK would be your top 5 i pressume?

p.s. tournament fighters could be a contender but i just dont see it close enough to be a match for any of the top 4 games. and yes i do like snk. and yes i also like capcom. no i dont like rare or midway, nor do i car too much for adk’s works. this is my list. let me see yours.

My OLD SCHOOL is not THAT FAR son…

1-) Hyper Fighting /ST: Hyper Fighting on teh SNES was BANANAS here in DR, tourneys like EVERY DAMM WEEK/MONTHs, and every damm place you went someone was playing. STILL TO THIS DAY IF YOU DARE TO SAY IM GOOD AT TURBO (Hyper Fighting is known as TURBO over here), niggas say WAIT HERE, go to their houses/friends and RETURN with an SNES,2 controllers and the damm game. SOME EVEN GLUED THE GAME so noother game CAN BE PLAYED. ST is my favourite, but arcades didnt exist over here, so i recall seeing the game TWICE in arcades my entire life…

2-) A2: Damm son, this game was crack, and was my FIRST serious fighting game. A lot of tourneys too, and when the fever died, a couple years back, we REVIVED the game playing like EVERY DAMM DAY until late hours in the mourning.

3-) KOF 98: Whoa this game was mad popular here, but the SHITTY PSX port never helped it… None the less, peeps were playing this in arcades and PC (via emu) like a drug. This game could be higher in my list, but i never learned to play REALLY high level, and the inputs always returned me back to A2.

4-) SFEX@: Another classic. Some even STILL play this game (and EX3) everyday over here.

5-)MKT (N64 version): Another game that WAS OVERPLAYED TO HELL in this island. Personally, i never was that good, but i played it A LOT. Even if years after everyone saw what a brokefest it is, is a FUN BROKEFEST xD

6-) BONUS ROUND: Mario Kart 64, puzzle fighter, Goldeneye: Those damm games were crack. For sure…


cept for 1, all the fighters you mentioned are in the new school class. 98 had some better ones IMO, SFIIISI, LB2, RB2, VS, A3. seems the games i mean are too old for the general srk’s?

if kabuki klash is oldschool then shit like alpha 2, vampire hunter sure as hell is too

kabuki clash = 95. first darkstalkers game is 94. kabuki klash is borderline old school. how can you call a game that looks as good as darkstalkers or xmen oldschool. might as well have called this top 5 fighters instead. alpha 2? look at the difference between ssf2t, DD, MKII, ffs and kof95. these games cant be compared with motw, ts or a2. and its not cause they are so bad. its cause these LOOK and PLAY old school. i didnt even add FF3 in it cause i thought it looked and felt too new.

When I hear old school fighters I think the first Samurai Showdown. That was the first fighter that I tried to get good in, so many wasted hours…

so kabuki klash is oldschool based on age, but vampire or cota, which are just as old, cannot be based on age because they look too good?

if kof '95 and other '95 snk games can be in the list…'95 capcom games can be in the list. face it…capcom is just always one step ahead of the game. don’t be a hater.

these are my personal favourites, not what i think are the best 5:

  1. ssf2t (1994) - obviously.
  2. ultimate mortal kombat 3 (1994) - what 9 year old doesn’t like fatalities?!?
  3. x-men cota (1994) - omg yes! x-men in a fighting game!
  4. fatal fury 3 (1995) - one of the only snk fighting series i like.
  5. darkstalkers (1994) - sucubi are the hawtness!

umk 3 was like 96 or 97 iirc.

“Old School” should only refer to the original wave of fighters. I’m talking 91-93.

umk3 = 95
wiki does not lie my friend

(actually i used mame database which said 1994, which im hoping would be correct…but wiki should be 99% accurate)

and if its 91-93, then the only game of musolini’s that counts is fatal fury special…

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking as well. SF2 up through HF, MK1/2, Fatal Fury up through Special, Karnov, stuff like that. if you include anything more, you have to allow a lot of stuff that most would classify as modern.

I could swear it was later then that since MK 3 came out in 95. Then again they pumped them out to arcades as fast as they could back then. It didn’t take long to make a new revision.

Samurai Shodown 2 is hands down my favorite old school fighting game. Characters, gameplay, atmosphere, everything about this game is perfect. It’s probably the only game from the early 90s era of fighting games that I still put tons of hours into. I was seriously hyped as a young kid to see a Samurai Shodown arcade machine anywhere. Also, imo, I think SamSho3 and especially SamSho4 were solid additions to the franchise. The new characters were sick and the bust and slash system was a nice option, so I don’t think that the franchise started going downhill after part two.

I’d go for:

  1. Power Instinct 2/KoF’95
  2. Samsho 2
  3. Karnov’s Revenge
  4. Fatal Fury Special
  5. Super Turbo
  1. Groove on Fight
  2. Karnov’s Revenge
  3. Street Fighter Alpha 2
  4. Ultimate Mortal Kombat
  5. Killer Instinct

List threads are gay. What are you trying to prove with this “real” “oldschool” shit anyway?


I know the game sucks

but for some reason that game really takes me back