Top 5 real old school fighter

cause i was interrested if people played some of the real old school games to this day. is it really that hard to comprehend. most wouldnt even dream of touching FFS or SSF2T cause of the age and ugly ass graphics.

also SS3 looks drop dead gorgeous, its 95. same for FF3, its also 95. KK is also 95 but looks and plays old school. you notice this when playing on these old ass handling controls and shit.

first new school games that look too good to be compared to the oldschool are games like darkstalkers, xmen cota, SS3, LB1, FF3, SFA, aof3. look at SSF2T or FFS and understand that if these game would have been ported to a snes back then the changes wouldnt even be that big. cota, SS3 and such wouldnt even be handlable on a snes. didnt any of you own a snes or genesis. is it that hard to comprehend old school? and with real oldschool i meant old enough, not real enough. damn.





cant be that hard now can it?



Yes, UMK3 was in 1995.

  1. UMK3
  2. MK2
  3. ST
  4. KI
  5. CE

Also, the beginning of the VS series, and Darkstalkers too. :wgrin:

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