Top 5 things that would make you disappointed in your son

Thought about this while talking to my co-worker about his shitty kid.

  1. Weeabo
  2. If he wasted as much time on video games as I
  3. Flamer. I’d be alright with a gay son, but only if he was a rapey kind of gay and not the fairy kind
  4. Black(er than me)
  5. If he were to make pointless threads on SRK

1 thu 5: Making this thread.

I wish mama never married you. I can’t live up to those expectations

If I found my son posting in OT spam threads. I’d know I failed as a father.

Don’t be ashamed, we know that by coworker you mean your father and that shitty kid was you.

What predictable responses.

  1. if he never enjoyed watching and practicing martial arts

  2. if he neglected his studies and become a lazy bum, because yes by middle school id have the type of kid any grown adult can sit down and have a theological discussion with, or talk about politics, science, hell even kick the bullshit with movies, music, etc… i wouldnt force it on him to the point its restricting him from being young and enjoying himself, but at least an hour a day there will be mandatory reading followed by at least a 20 minute discussion. i’ll basically spend time with my kid, and not let the idiots of the world raise him to be some silly god fearing, pot smoking, 4chan posting future closet pervert. haha

  3. if he didnt enjoy platinum games :frowning: lol

  4. if he knocked up a girl before he established himself in life

  5. if he was a selfish self centered dickhead regardless of what i taught him :frowning:

if after all the time I spent forcing him to pursue my broken dreams, he didn’t succeed in making millions of dollars for me to retire with.

He mained Cammy


If he fucked my mom

If Maruy told me that he was mine.

Yeah… if the kid ended up getting caught up in a teen pregnancy situation… that ranks high up there. It’s a factor that will immediately destroy his life.

*Also–> him wanting to get married to the high school sweetheart. Wrong move, bub. What’s the upside to that? I already question the worth of marriage at anything but old age, really… but it’s much more foolish to be “settling down” at the ripe old age of 18.

*Being one of those “I never left home” bums… I know someone like that right now, and I was recently thinking about how depressing it must be for that person’s parent to come home every day and see that yep… STILL THERE on the damn couch of the house he grew up in… as a 30-something year old. Get that Failure to Launch (or whatever that movie was called; Hollywood apparently thinks this crap is charming and funny) shit out of here.

*Being yet another person that is an example of numerous negative ethnic stereotypes. Sadly, this is the case most of the time since most kids will want to be like everyone else…even if it makes them look just as silly as all the other lemmings that walk around with their pants sagged to the knees like a prison bitch that’s “advertising”…all while only caring about shiny rims (on an ugly ass car), weed, dat Madden, their gold teeth… and the latest “Jordans”. On the side-note, I wonder why folks get upset with negative stereotypes when most try so hard to adhere to as many of them as possible for the sake of “keepin’ it real”?

  1. Skullgirls player
  2. MvC3 player
  3. Murderer
  4. Didn’t finish high school
  5. Got married
  1. Participating in Rape or Pedo/Necrophilia
  2. Being over active in Fantasy Baseball (no problems with basketball or football but I draw the line at baseball)
  3. Serial Murder without being a hitman/assassin where he would get paid for his efforts.
  4. Being a regular on a stupid ass reality TV program such as the type on Bravo or MTV.
  5. Being a big fucking troll

Close runner up is being a bandwagon fan of anything.

If he told me DmC was better than DMC3…

  1. Brony
  2. Chav
  3. Knocks up some chick before he can pay for the kid himself
  4. Doesn’t even bother looking for work after finishing school
  5. Has no dignity (No you shouldn’t be pissing up the wall because you’re too drunk to get to a toilet, at that moment you are failing as a human being)
  1. Cowardliness
  2. Not being his own man
  3. Marrying a woman who doesn’t want to have kids
  4. Not having physical culture
  5. Whipped by a woman

Dumb and Ugly

  1. Physically weak
  2. Unattractive
  3. Unintelligent
  4. Rebellious
  5. Born with a serious medical ailment.