Top A-Groove Teams


i know about team Bas what are some other top A groove teams?


Pick whoever you want.


i know that’s always an option but some people just do better in A groove than others and since im kind of new to the cvs2 scene i was looking for some help -.-


if ur new, learn how hard it is to play a-groove… seriously

play rolento… he has a pretty basic yet good CC… take someone like iori or chun-li to pracice ground CCs…

once u become better u will play sakura and bison and ull just take blanka for shits and giggles and damage with you… its everyones a-groove destiny


I’m not so sure as far as teams go but as far as characters who are good at A-Groove would be Vega, Dhalsim, Haohmaru, M. Bison, Terry, yet i would never reccomened Blanka for A-Groove

if I had to make a team it would be

Vega (1), Haohmaru (1), Terry (2),

Vega can be the battery character, at the same time Haohmaru can also be 2 with Terry as 1 but Haohmaru does enough damage to back him up with his multiple HP custom combo to break through guard meters at the same time he’s not the best clean-up sometimes so keep Terry last.


^Why are you such a scrub?

Anyway according to Viscant the best A team is battery/sak/bison good batteries=lots of people.

That’s the only team most people use.


People good in A?

In no order:
Sagat (useable to an extent)


Anybody, Sakura, Blanka / Bison r2

1)Blanka, Rolento, Bison r2
Reason why Rolento second is the following:
Blanka can build meter and he doesn’t have to worry about saving it for Rolento because Rolento can do the same as Blanka, build meter, except this time he would have to save it for Bison. But, Rolento is still good without using the meter.

2)Vega, Blanka, Sakura r2
Vega is the battery obviously, but same reason as before, he doesn’t HAVE to keep the meter and runaway because Blanka can build meter faster than Vega. With this team also, Blanka can build/rebuild meter pretty quickly in a match. So, whatever is left to build, Sakura can handle because she has very few matchups and can build meter easily enough.

3)Sagat, Bison, Blanka r2
Sagat is the battery. Bison uses it. Blanka fills/uses. Kinda boring.
But switch Bison and Blanka, and the team becomes a little more interesting.
Sagat can use meter if he has too because Blanka can build it easily enough. Bison is still the anchor etc. You get the idea.


A- guile and A- todo cant be bad looking at aojirus success.


ken is an exelent battery he can build it quickly and he has the “hardest” custom to perform (>s.hkx3->f+hkxN to shinryuken!!!) hibiki is a good selection as a battery and whit her multiple custom setups she’s a very powerful force in a-groove.


Well A Guile sucks pretty bad even though any groove Guile is a good battery, and RC sonics are good, he has no real way of dealing damage because he has like no reliable custom setups. A Todo is pretty buff though. Saying a Japanese guy wins with “X” that means they’re good, is pretty dumb though. Iyo used N Maki Rolento Dhalsim for the longest time without even RCing (he’s switched to C now according to Buk’s log) does that mean these chars are good? No, he is.


hehe true true, iyo is my hero. I was just pointing out aojiru’s team cuz he asked for what some other top A teams were, and aojiru is one of the more famous A groove players.


A Guile has its advantages in the corner. If you can activate and sneak in a trip (due to invicinability frame) you can use s.HP and LK FK to juggle them and then do a SSJ to finish it off, or if they have mid way gaurd bar you can do multiple SB.

Blanka has some goodies too do his c.FP to push him forward and do s.MP to keep them juggling and when they get into the corner you can do j.LP multipoles times as a juggle or bounce them up and down on your repeated elec ball then do Groudn shave.

Other than that, its pretty cool to learn how to paint / shoshosho just watching it is cool ( not so coo if its your coin at stake ). But most peo0ple after that when they figure out how to do that only use it when its a real important fight. ie tournies.


If you could just “sneak a trip”, you might as well do a, then do the basic ground cc as it does much more damage then juggling, and none of his supers are good cc enders in the air anyways.

go to the blanka thread and learn the real custom… and its jumping fierces in the corner…


Best A groove teams

1.Blanka, Sakura, Bison(r2)
2.Rolento, Sakura, Bison(r2)
3.Ken, Sakura, Bison(r2)
4.Eagle, Sakura, Bison(r2)

basically any of these characters


Also there are a few other characters that are good too but people might disagree with me


So yeah any of those characters as a first character followed by Sakura, Bison(r2) makes a good team


There are many characters you can play in A. The strongests is Battert/Sak/Bison. For I use Kyo/Sakura/Bison. I know alot will disagree since Kyo is better in run/low jump groove, I prefer him in A because he’s got a Strong AA CC and can be done from trade and he has good stun potential.


My Team, Sakura (1), Hibiki (1), And Terry (2) look out for them at

Evo 2k4:cool:

A-Groove for life!!!


You know nothing about Sakura, and you suck at life. I’ll be on the lookout at Evo for your shittiness.