Top A3 player needed:Making a deal

I’m willing to teach x vs sf, msh vs sf, and mvc if someone teaches me A3.

My skill level in the games go msh vs sf>mvc>x vs sf

I play Karin, Charlie, and Cammy. Since this game really doesnt rely on tiers, I’d like to play these people and become good with them :D.

This game may not as HEAVILY rely on tiers as other games, but V-Akuma/V-Sak are still the dominators, though on Kalliera with any noticable delay, Zangief is the best.

I can prolly teach you a little Chalie if we don’t get much lag cause I can’t do his VC otherwise

Heh. :rolleyes:

I think a guy called lost connection would be your man for at least 2 of those. not sure if he posts here though.

Who the hell lied to you?

Playing this game high level revolves alot around top tiers. I think you should educate yourself in all things alpha before making assumptions

Also, I recommend you learn this game and develop your own style by just playing people. Experience is key in this (knowing when to tech, activate, when to poke, etc.)

You can’t just learn 3 combo’s and expect to win, just take your time with the game

The tiers become clear as crystal when you start playing at a better level aaand with those that are around equal or slightly better than yourself. The tiers start coming into form, and the same for the matchups. So a3 does rely on tiers. However I do believe that it’s a matchup heavy game.

I personally find matchup more crucial than tier, although they are sort of the same thing (low tier have more bad matchups) but there are quite a few lower tiers that do well against higher tiers, at least that’s my personal experience.

eg) I find Karin does well against shotos, Charlie does well against Gief, and Cammy does well against keepaway sim.

Charlie is a very solid character, and he does well against akuma and sak. However, he has problems against sim.

Ryu9999 : don’t forget chun li, that bitch can get hella annoying online

Charlie gets hella owned by Akuma, I have no idea how you thought otherwise unless there’s some secret tactic that I don’t know about

a) No way to stop divekicks. cr. mp/strong, flash kick, cr. fierce are all either too slow or not enough priority to beat out divekick, so basically Akuma can jump for free

b) MUCH harder to VC. IMO, Charlie’s game revolves around turtling and controlling space with sonic booms, st. rh, and cr. strong as his main weapons and his VC is built to deal with those who have gottena round this first line of defense. Unfortunately Akuma as I mentioned before doesn’t have to worry about any of this b/c he can jump for free.

I hope I didn’t make you quit playing Charlie, Ryu. =(

So um, can anyone teach me juni/juli? i’ve seen both of them own so hard. i dunno shit about cammy, just use her pokes alot and jump in with lk as crossup -_-. so yeah anyone that can help me with those 3 would be cool =D

well, juli is just about useless so…you might not wanna pick her…

Juni and Cammy are about even, they both have their strenghts and weaknesses so choose which one you like better…

cammy is a bit hotter, chicks with short hair arent so top tier. but it looks like juni’s VCs own people hard, so its a tough decision. hmmm. cammy is as cool as hell, so i think online cammy might be more usefull? depends on how hard those juni VC’s really are -_-.

Dude you have to walk on your own quit asking people to teach you how to play a character

learn by yourself

I wouldhave taught you my super duper Guy’s raging demon super!!! Its that powerful that every time i do it, it makes my kawaks crash!!!

But I think we live vary far from each other that you would be lagged out!!!

anyone wanna take on my Juli? =)

best advice, close thread down.

you don’t teach a baby how to drive a car because he has to walk first. if you’re a good gamer, all you need is information on the game and some experience in it. the best teacher is a strong opponent, not some guy telling you to do blahblahblah

ax0r and ryuu, wtf is that?

u cant teach urself how to do B&B, VC’s, and link supers and shit on ur own unless someone owns you with one while ur playing which isnt cool at all.

practicing with someone is a great way to learn =\

Yeah you can just watch match videos of a3 and then try to perform the combos you see in the videos or mix up wit em thats how it worked for me.=]

Ditto. When I first started playing, I learned my Akuma basics by experimenting then later I learned some more by playing Big 5 and obi every so often. I just did some quick reading to make up some combos and whatever else I use. :tup: