Top Bolt on TE stripped

My wireless mic recently broke so I went to plug in my wired mic and noticed it wouldn’t go it all the or correctly. I was going to open the stick and have a look at the mic part of it and I noticed the top right bolt is really stripped and the bottom left one is starting to strip so I didn’t want to mess with it.

So how would I go about getting those stripped bolts out?

You can probably just open the TE from underneath and unscrew the screws from beneath. Or use a screw extractor if you’re really crazy :looney:

iirc Madcatz will send you free replacement screws if you ask

I had this evil annoying problem when I finished customizing my TE stick. I had one bolt randomly strip. How I got it out was I bought a cheap 20 dollar drill from Target. It came with a head that fit into the socket of the bolt. Then I just drilled deep into the screw until finally, after about 5-10 minutes, the drill caught tight into the screw. I was then able to put the drill on the remove/reverse option and take the screw out. No damage was done to my TE stick Plexie by doing this. Good luck.

I usually dremel a slot into the head and remove it normally with a slotted screwdriver.

i had this happen and i just pried it out. flat head screw driver under the head of the bolt

I’ve tried everything, except the dremel idea because I dont have a dremel. This is the most irritating thing ever. I went to a hardware store to get replacement bolts, the heads are a little smaller but they fit.

Just gotta get those two stripped bolts outta there.

If anyone else has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

I think I am going to pick up a screw extractor tomorrow and hope for the best.

Grip the bolts with a good pair of pliers and unscrew them…

I’ve tried two different sizes of Vice Grips, small pair of pliers and needle nose. I am going to pick up a screw extractor today and see how that goes

I’ve opened a few TE sticks and haven’t ever had an issue with stripping, are you using the proper size allen key? Overtightening the screws?

The screws don’t need to be torqued down tight, just snug. After the head of the screw touches the panel give it a light twist.

I recently had a problem with this. I normally use a 7/64" allen key. This is 2.77 mm as opposed to the proper 3 mm size. One of my bolts stripped enough to not work on the 7/64 but works with a 3mm i found in the shed.

Yeah I bought it used and it was stripped when I got it.

Well I bought the Screw Extractor, the one I got was about a size too small and I ended up breaking it, at this time my step dad took an interest in what I was doing, I walked away and came to bolts out but one of the port holes destroyed.

All he said was he drilled them out lol.

Im not too mad about one hole being messed up, its an easy fix it I need to fix, just gotta buy the nut for the bottom of it and good to go.

Thanks for everyones help though!