Top & Bottom 5 Most/Least Used on Player Card


Just though this would be a fun quick topic:

Who are your top 5 most and bottom 5 least used on your player card?

My top uses are:

  1. Morrigan - 600+ times used (big fan since darkstalkers)
  2. Haggar - 500+ (gotta use this nostalgic character)
  3. Deadpool - 400+ (love the quotables and playstyle)
  4. Arthur - 300+ (same as Haggar; nostalgia)
  5. Hsien-Ko - 200+ (I like odd-looking characters)

Bottom usage (all listed as #18; all used 0 times according to player card):

  1. Ryu (IMO a great character, but I don’t feel like using Ryu)
  2. Dante (same as above)
  3. Sentinel (so glad I don’t have to rely on him to play this game; not hating on anyone that does, but man it is a SWEET feeling beating a Sentinel team without using him :P… doesn’t always happen though :frowning: )
  4. Akuma (too similar to Ryu)
  5. Doctor Doom (not too fond of the character, but is really a good character on a team)


This thread won’t really add anything for other people to learn from. Closed. =\

Generally, fanboy threads teeter on the verge of uselessness: try to think about what value others would have in reading them. =\