Top Cammy Players?



I was just thinkin how many cammy players can u think of that are actually beast with her, i got a few that i have seen and had the pleasure of playin against.

Sanford K.
Philly One ( EvilDrakeFang)
Allen Chang

I dont know anymore I would say myself but i dont wanna get smashed on srk lololol

Let me know of anymore im interested to find more cammys and if anyone says alexanima or a fool! lol


1st Alexanima :smiley:


just from their vids, never played them

rokubear (most likely the best cammy i ever played on pc and slaughtered me 36-6 or so)

havent play with others at this level yet…


cammy mirrors don’t mean anything. it’s a test of yomi only (ie. which person picks their cannon spikes better) since just about every action she can take she can also punish pretty heavily.

on a side note… allen eats headbutts for free :stuck_out_tongue: (then of course he just swaps to sagat and destroys my honda lol, but hey let me enjoy my one moment)

does allen still post around here?


yeah right…


steinmania? i played that dude, i know hes good, but i didnt knew he was top beastin?


this thread is full of fail lol


This is a huge ego boost to the people on the list. I don’t deserve to be listed as a “Top Cammy Player” I’m good, but no where near good enough to be mentioned with Allen or Sanford. I think AuLord should be on the list instead of me :stuck_out_tongue:

Allen posts on the forum once in a while…


I am the best cammy no one knows about :slight_smile:


Add aulord and juube roku. Then stein and I bring up the above average group lol


oh yeah there’s also a Cammy player called “Cannon Spook”. That guy’s a great Cammy player from Chicago. For some reason, he posts on Gamefaqs and not here. I’ve had a few conversations with him.


Lol, my name is Allen Cheng, with an E, not an A. Seriously. I don’t play cammy at all though. Just thought i’d throw that out there because i remember watching videos of Allen’s cammy a couple months ago. didn’t know his last name was Chang. haha :rofl:


o.0 o.0


Steinmania is the beast!!


My personal top 3:

Vasaznion (is this Allen)?

Honorable mention to Kenuran (when he was around anyway, haven’t seen him post in a while) and Drake


Vasaznion is Allen.

vietnamazing, I still need to play you. Haven’t seen your Cammy at all.


Jchensor still plays Cammy, right?


guys are so nick picky omg grow the f up and alex ur a turtle cammy plz bbut anyway on youtube they have videos stating allen Chang so i stand corrected jesus srk is just ridiculous with stupid biatches now a days and stein i dont care wat u say u are a beast i said top cammy players that i have seen its not alot out there stein and i did forget about Aulord and kenuran they are monsterous as well


People say that i’m actually a rushdown cammy :rock:


This is just a Who Post the Most Videos thread


I agree…