Top Cammy Players?



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In my opinion, the rankings for Cammy players goes like this:

  1. Sanford Kelly
  2. Everyone Else

But more seriously, when not counting Sanford, I would put Vas’s Cammy up at the top of players in America solely for the fact that he’s actually performed well at big tourneys with Cammy. He almost beat Choi that one time at the Fuddrucker’s tourney, and he qualified for Semis at WCW defeating players such as Mike Watson (who admittedly was stewing after his loss to UTJ, but beating Watson is always an accomplishment. A comatose Watson can still beat 99% of the people on the planet in Street Fighter).

And other than that, it’s really hard to say. As others have pointed out, it’s really just who gets their videos out on the web more than others. That’s not saying a lot of the people who put up videos aren’t good, it just means that there could be a lot of Cammys who have NO videos up. I would like to think I’m a top Cammy player in the country, but I have no videos to post up to back me up. I mean, I could post up videos of me beasting on G2 opponents online, but I’m not sure if that means anything. Most of the people who post up their videos are at least facing G1 competition.

  • James


i can attest to allen’s skill, i went to some local davis tourneys and he came to some sacramento tournaments on top of seeing him play at fuddruckers and he has allways put on a good showing of cammy skills.


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Cool, I’m surprise I made it on here but I don’t think I deserve it. I still got a lot to learn especially when it comes to tournament play.

But I have to agree with jchensor. There’s a bunch of Cammy’s out there we just don’t know about. It’s really hard to say who’s the Top Cammy.


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I put Sanford in loser’s bracket at Evo? But going by tourney performance Sanford I think would be best, although he doesn’t consistently use Cammy throughout the tourney.


There is no BEST Cammy player, Btw gj beating me at evo i look forward to our next encounter.


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I think theres probably a lot of great Cammy’s out there no one hears about. I ran into one on PSN Championship the other day who I’d never seen before but he was a beast doing things like spiral arrow fadc links and hit confirming everything into combos, and turned out he was playing on a pad! Bet theres a load of really solid players like that around who just don’t get the chance to go to tournaments or upload videos.


Sanford: haha you know I can’t wait until then, although I know Eddy Pistons has been razzing you about it ever since. ggs indeed keep reppin hard, this is your year man go out with a bang.


Personally I find it hard to estimate who is a “top” player with any character in any fighting game. If you look at sheer stats and tournament rankings that’s one thing, but you also need to look at the level of competition that particular character faces at different tournaments, which is almost impossible to do for every character in a given fighting game. Not to mention that not every Cammy player plays her exclusively, nor do they all enter the same tournaments at the same time. So I think it’s better to say something like, “Who are the best Cammy players to learn from?” rather than make a generalized statement about superiority in skill. This translates into any competitive sport, IMO.

And that’s my 2 cents.


Very true and the most advanced