Top Cammy Players?



Sako has a very nice Cammy: [media=youtube]k8R9vGrSo9A&feature=related[/media]


Sako a.k.a CrazyCammy is all kinds of AWESOMENESS!.. wish we had more matches recorded of him playing cammy :slight_smile:


That shit was perfection… Damn…


Sako has the best Cammy imo. His Viper and Gouki are also godlike.


it’s undisputed

i don’t think anyone is going to top beating daigo, let alone twice. that’s one hell of a standard, lol.

i thought about going to back to sagat once i give cammy a shot at the majors. but, playing cammy in tourney is satisfying enough.

james: are you going to ncr?


Hey, Allen.

Yeah, I’ll be heading up to NCR. Choi is putting me to work. :rofl: But I’m also entering SFIV as well, so we’ll see if I can do any good there. I feel like I’ve gotten better since WCW, but every time I play top players like Valle and ShadyK, they really bring me back down a notch. Hahaha. So we’ll see how it goes. :slight_smile:

  • James


Stein, we still have to get a couple of rounds together sometime :bgrin:

and Faux, I’ve had you on my friends list for so long, I don’t know why I didn’t think about asking you to player match yet!

And Roku…ah, nevermind already you’re probably tweaking on MW2 haha.


Got my xbox back gt has been switched to fury of Christ add me again guys!


You could just change what shows as your 360 id for srk as well.


… I know bit I’d rather post it here cause ppl over look the green.


True enough, well you may wanna add me yourself then. I am at college atm and I know I’ll forget.


I may be crazy, but I have a badass Cammy, just I don’t post vids. I saw Sanford’s vids. Nothing I can’t do, but he probably has more character match up knowledge than me. But I say I can take out majority of the popular characters decently.

PSN: chiggah

Send me a message.


Nothing you can’t do, eh? Does that include beating Daigo in a tournament setting? :wgrin:

Hehe, just teasin’ a bit. It’s always cool to see new faces posting here but… obviously the only way you’ll get recognized as a top Cammy player is to rep her at competitions.


yessir and jchen wow i didnt know u were such a stud with her we gonna have to get some matches in i sent u a friends but i guess I wasnt popular enuff for u to recognize it :frowning:
even though u didnt get that many wins u had opportunities to win more matches and i think u did more than good to show that its not just daigo’s ryu is beatable that Valle’s is too with cammy good ish my dude


Yeah, nothing I can’t do. 10 to 2. You forget that part. Besides Japs are handicapped against console characters or something. And I’m not exactly a few face, I’m 04 buddy. Just never post.


Hey chiggah, expect a message from me sometime in the next couple days. If you don’t already, you should hit up some tourneys. Nothing wrong with more Cammy rep :cool:


Nah, I don’t look at people’s join dates - just meant new around the SF4 Cammy forum since I haven’t seen you posting here before.

But yeah, always good to have another fellow in the Cammy army. :rock:


yo tekkz,
James Chen is rarely on XBL. He’s mostly an offline guy. He’ll accept your friend request next time he gets on… whenever that is. He’s a good Cammy though. I learned a lot from him over the weekend.


Played a few games with chiggah a little bit ago and he does inded have a very good Cammy! Connection wasn’t good online between us but he was still doing some sick combos, was really impressive. First time someone has landed air focus attack into ultra on me too, I liked that :smiley: Nice setups with the focus crumple TKStrike resets too!


Interesting, I’ve only seen the air FA into ultra in DJB’s videos. Glad to see there are other Cammy players out there. Do you go to tournaments chiggah? Would be cool to see your Cammy in action.