Top Cammy Players?



ok stein yea dude is solid i was impressed! i was like whoa where have i been?


Eh… I did play a tourney recently with Cammy, but I don’t know when the vids are gonna be up and I didn’t do too great. I didn’t know the El Fuerte match up, so when he caught me in his gig I died. When I caught him, I smashed him. 7th place in a team tournament, 25 entered. And thanks Ixion! One red bar connection sucks so horribly. :frowning:


ggs Stein! my head was numb after that long session haha


wat happened? wat was the score u two cammy veterans!


and vietnamazing get a xbox man shit is sooo much better at least b4 super so i can get in that azzzzzzzzzz… i was so sad JW beat me at fight club top 8 :frowning:


Our first session was pretty close. I think Viet had 1 or 2 games on me. Probably 8-6 or something. Second set he got 9-1, but I came back to something like 15-8 or 15-9, then I started messing around with Sagat. I was too tired towards the end. I choked big time on a lot of matches. I had him cornered with little health left, then I go for a chip move when I knew it wasn’t going to work.

I swear, PS3 Cammys are so different from xbox Cammys…


fixed! :looney:

on a side note, i jumped on PSN last night for some matches and remembered why I don’t jump on there anymore. the few decent matches I found were lag city, even with all green and/or yellow bars.

i began to think it was my connection, so i switched over the my 360 and had no problems at all.

i addition to that, i couldn’t find a match really. I would go through 2-3 matches in arcade before a new opponent would arrive. i can’t even get through 1 or 2 rounds on the 360.



just come to pc , i havent play a lag match in quite long :stuck_out_tongue:

even 2 bars = ok


thats wassup wish i could have seen it i played rokubear we had some good games i think i was like 3 up but i kno hes been playin MW2 so its kinda like ugh…


stein, you need to borrow a ps3 again so we can play a few, my cammy has improved in a major way

EDIT: oh its mooseyLV from IRC


Stein just out of curiosity what is the difference between the two? In our matchup I changed my pace a little to be more defensive, due to the fact if both Cammy’s go nuts offensively it ussually gives random results. I felt that I had a handle more on your offense by taking a defensive approach then trying to out rush you. I don’t know if that’s what you were talking about.

As a side note, in the cammy mirror you need to punish blocked cannon spikes better :confused: also was it me or was cross up jump short better than it should be?


Cammy’s hit box is retarded. Cammy’s jump in fierce can cross up Cammy. Yeah I noticed you did a great job punishing the cannon spikes, I’m going to have to do that instead of a MK or HK arrow. Allen pointed out the same thing when I played him. I for some reason already try arrow after a blocked cannon spike, even if they FADC it. I need to play a little more reactive and be ready for the FADC. i blame all the random XBL Cammy players I play against. Bad habits.

I suck at the footsie game, so when you started to go that rout, damn… hahaha

The difference I see in xbox vs ps3 Cammy players are combos and footsie. Xbox players go for the kill IMO compared to PS3 Cammy players. I see more low fierce -> low forward -> arrow on XBL than I do on PSN. You did a lot of standing strong -> low short -> arrow. It’s a good combo though. It’s a good frame trap but damage wise, I think there are better combos out there.

XBL players don’t do a lot of footsie. I don’t see many Cammy players on XBL out footsie me, and I’m still a scrub on the footsie game.

So to sum things up
Pros: Footsie game, Frame trap combos, Don’t jump as often.
Cons: Combos aren’t as consistent (probably online), I don’t see as many Cammy players go all out rush, I think they could use stronger combos in certain situations.

Pros: Rush, Damaging Combos, Combo consistency
Cons: Footsie, Jump ins too often, predictable.


We PSN Cammys are better, faster, stronger!


i would have to agree stein
they often wait on their opponents on ps3 but xbox everyone is in love with the rushdown, i think that the experiences ive had on xbox have really made me a better player so i would give cammys on 360 thee edge because at the end of the day cammy is a rushdown character sure she can be defensive but thats not her style. Viet does both but idk about anyone else my friend. If im wrong about the psn cammys I will jump on right now and someone plz prove me wrong and i will shut up


LoL I just play Cammy with heart and that’s all that matters! But honestly, it’s all about adapting on the fly and making the corrections you need to make so that you can beat your opponent. There is no true correct way of playing as long as you take the measures you need to take to walk away with the win in the given situation.


u made that sound so well can u write a book plz lol Cammy101
but i can digg it but everyone has their own thoughts my thought is that ive never seen anyother cammy on psn with rushdown mixup game so it is wat it is but u need to help a brother out i told u JW beat me it sucked i couldnt get ahold of his chun the way i wanted how do u do it ?


I actually think PSN Cammy players are better than Xbox players. This just comes from my experience btw, doesn’t mean it’s definitive or anything.

Xbox Cammy is super rushdown and if they get the rushdown in, they’re mad styling on the other xbox guys. The problem though is when they have to fight someone who can keep Cammy out. You have to do some trick plays here to get in on these guys, and I don’t think xbox Cammy has the tricks to do it. I’m sure some of the best xbox players like juube, Spook, Rokubear and James Chen can get in and keep styling on them but most xbox players will start to chase. Chasing = death for Cammy IMO. I’m basing this on the XBL Cammy players I know of and their styles.

PSN Cammy seems to not rush as much. These guys seem to play more on reaction and adapt to their opponent rather than making the opponent confused as hell. I think the PSN Cammys have a better chance getting in and won’t chase as much. Not as fun to watch, but I think more brains are needed to play this style. I’m basing my observations on people like vietnamazing, DBC, Kenuran, and the few others I’ve seen on PSN.

random xbox cammy flowchart = psn cammy flowchart btw.

I’m glad to have both a PS3 and Xbox. I get to learn the best of both worlds :smiley:


no one ever wants to take the rookies side :0(


Hey I’d be happy to help out any greenhorn who asks.


LOL I’m totally the xbox flowchart Cammy :frowning:
Panic sets in when they start zoning me hard sitting in the nice down block position

Thats when I TKCS spam in my corner to show them who’s boss

Stein, when will I get my beat downs from you?!?!