Top Cammy Players?



lol come to a box arena. We do stuff Wednesday nights. We’re working on a Street Fighter class and such. Looks like we’re going to have some of the best in SD mentoring the scrubs who want to get good at the game.

My xbox is still broke. I’m supposed to get a new one over the weekend.


:nunchuck: u then mean “US xbox cammy”?:shy:


Alioune, you’re Cammy is still wtf gdlk to me, and you haven’t uploaded any Cammy videos in a long time. I’m finally starting to understand your Cammy vs Chun match, AND THAT WAS UPLOADED IN MARCH!


haha thanks , i had few ones on justintv archives but guess they are not there anymore , ill try to upload some stuff in the future .


so Alioune do u main cammy or Sagat? imma add u even though ur in France I played a guy from spain today and we had 4 bars so idk


He’s known to be the best sagat in France. His cammy has taught me a lot about spacing. Ime sure I’d learn more if he uploaded more Cammy videos. Watching his Sagat videos make me want to pick him up now haha.


thats wassup u have all the answer stein ur such a great mentor lol wat the square root of 50834507258462965483205705208? lmao thanx stein


Hey Tekkz,

I just notice you’re in Texas? Where exactly? You down for a money match? I want you to put money where your mouth is. :rock:



I just love SRK drama.


No drama, I’m a humble guy.


no ur not humble u keep harrasing me cuz u didnt like the way u kept losing. Im in Arlington and i told u before i dont care about winning or losing i just care about learning and getting better but as for u u have excuses out the ass and to even steep so low to say i was just messing around that tells me wat kinda guy u r the type i would have to beat in a money match and slap u cuz u wont give me my money. Ur not humble, if u were u wouldnt have came at me like u did but wateva im done


Haha, you’re funny. And I’ll give your money if I lost cause I can take a lost. After you just left outta no where and just sent “GGs.” I replied, “You could of told me last game so I’d play seriously. GG” And as you were saying if this is just a learning experience so why the hell would I be playing seriously, I was trying just trying things out.

And your reply was, “play serious? lololololol cmon man just take it and say ggs how hard is that”

By your statement you obviously think you’re better than me, so I wanted you to know.

I replied, “You’re not that good. Good, yeah but no monster. And for the record I was messing around. I don’t mind losing. I just like to know the last game.”

Your reply, “plz u got ur ass handed 2 u u made a run but for the most part i dominated u i dont care wat u think because at the end of the day u lost 15-8 who cares i didnt go on the forums and say shit about u ur not good enuff for me to pay attention to so plz take ur l’s and quit makin excuses”

Right? I’m the one talking shit? And what’s the forum shit talking? I talked shit to nobody on the forums moron, haven’t posted shit since the 04. Get your facts straight. And got my ass handed to me? I already admit your good buddy and I already said I don’t mind losing, just wanted to know it’s the last game. And you go running your mouth talking shit to me? And didn’t you say this was for fun? Then why the hell does score even matter cause obviously you’re the only one keeping track cause I don’t remember it. Yeah, you aren’t anything but a hypocrite douche. And you too scared to back your shit up.

And I’m pretty humble, I wouldn’t be talking shit to people I beat even if they making “excuses”. Only person I’m talking shit to is you, and normally I don’t mind. Cause you’re not as good as you think you are. I even said in my message when I wanted a rematch, if you lose I just want you to be less cocky. If you remember anything you won the first 5 or so matches in a row cause I was just chilling, but at the end I started trying. Dominated me? You’re far from that chump.


lol srk drama.

I think I understand where you’re coming from. I like to screw around when I’m playing friendly matches. Probably 1/3 of my friendly matches is me just trying new stuff out, see where it takes me. I also appreciate it when someone sends me a message “hey last one.” or “couple more and I got to go” etc.

Even though I’m not anything great at the Cammy mirror match, I wouldn’t mind going a few rounds with you chiggah.


lol…i’m the same way. i might play a few matches seriously, then off to random select for me!


I am very much the same and I can only play the mirror match for so long before either going to Bison or random select lol.


I hate random select. It’s either Cammy, Ken, or Dan. :rofl:


lol something of a private joke with Dan, if I lose to him I bear the mark of shame for the rest of the day, and if I end up using him and win my opponent must bear the mark of shame.

The mark of shame isn’t really anything real I just simply say you now bear the mark of shame or something similar and laugh if it ends up being me.


i left and said good games i could go back on psn and put exactly wat u said afterwards when i was being genuine but i dont have time for all that u act like i was playin like i was in a tourney or sumtin? wtf? its all good i even told u multiple times quit trippin u insisted on keep on talkin shit so wateva u tell ur tales if u like we both know wat u meant by all the bullshit u sent me afterwards. But hey someone has to look like the good guy. Put your money where your mouth is all this other shit i guess my mouth was sayin ggs and ur mouth was sayin how good or bad i was so im glad i didnt tell you last one. I have a family so when family calls i go period. But as I said before ggs im not going to argue back and forth its pointless very pointless


and thats how it went played cammy forabout 10 matches then random select… but this guy says he didnt play me serious im not that good cmon stop it I play my FRIENDS and try new stuff i didnt even know this guy just wanted to play him cuz ppl were saying hes good just like if it was stein or stab whoever i wanna see if youre good but i guess im wrong


i see why ppl dont like this site cuz its a whole bunch of bs thanx for the great gaming experience cammy community is garbage maybe i will switch to ryu or balrog get some guys that actually like to play each and help each other its a few here but all the negatives have worn me down