Top Cammy Players?



All right guys, take it to Private Messages or let’s just all make up and be friends, okay? :slight_smile:

  • James


You don’t like reading srk drama? lol

in memory of Mr. Fisher Price… :chainsaw:

Okay let’s try to get things sort of back on topic. Over the weekend, I did Spiral Arrow as an anti-air. I mentioned this in another Cammy topic. I was able to hit them out of the air without knocking them down. I remember doing this to blanka. I tried this the other day against a sagat, and his MP stuffed or traded with my SA every time. I ahd the idea that you could use LK or MK SA for an anti-air reset option, but it only worked on Blanka so far…


Dear Tekkz.

Uh… I did quote what you said on PSN moron. Quote by quote message by message, and I know it’s not the whole thing, but if you want go ahead and post it. All its gonna do is make you look stupid, cause you’re the one talking shit to me and now you won’t back it up. So go ahead, post it please! Tales? What tales? You mean the truth? Hell go ahead even take a screen shot of it, please I’m begging you. Every single one with the time stamps. Only reason why I’m bashing you is cause you’re the one talking shit after I was making “excuses,” but whatever douche, all I wanted was a rematch, to prove you ain’t no “dominating ass handler.” And your family called and you left that’s why when you sent GGs. And I replied you were still able to respond and talk shit back and forth to me for awhile right? On top of the that the PS3 buddylist said you were still playing, but I’m sure you just left the Playstation on for the next 5 hours. Yeah, you’re a liar too. You done making up shit, cause you the only one telling tales. You never answered me where’s my shit talking on the forums and to who? You’re a joke. :rock:

Glad you enjoy my SRK drama SeikuRyu! I will battle you later!

Jchenster - I am friendly, just not to shit talkers. GRUDGE MATCH! You try harder. Haha.

And a lot of people here seem to agree to like to know when it’s gonna be the last match. We all like to walk out victors!


I just saw that Sako video. That shit was insane! I wonder how he’d fair against top Japanee pros though, I’ve only ever seen him play Desora…


I nominate myself world champion


chiggah, what part of texas are you in? there is a big tourney coming up in Dallas it would be a great place to show your stuff.


whoever has the most gimmicks. looks like sonfurd right now


ur all flowcharts really…


I’m the top cammy player. Don’t care what anyone else says. Don’t care who I lose too. I’m still the top!

What up?



Best Sagat in Europe IMO


vietnamazing! When can we play again? I think you deleted me off your friendlist, I must not be a worthy enough opponent :sad: ! Ciome, lets play again soon!


Kliquey what are you talking about you are perma-friended on my list :slight_smile: I will hit you up for games the next time I a online!!


Sanford is the best.


ok, so I’m late to this thread, but it seems like this is where most of you guys are matching up. add me on PSN or windows live: lildshadow2

I’ll probably be adding a lot of you guys on PSN.


waiting u on the pc


He is a Vampire Savior player. You can find him playing that game. He is know for god like execution, and some japanese pro player refers to him as Sako-Sensei…

But, yeah, need more vids of this guy !!!


I’ll throw in for a PC player. Not very good yet but working hard to fix it. Started with Cammy when she debuted on the scene but like a lot of people work got in the way and now at the age of 38 I find myself playing Cammy again. No more Soul Calibur or DOA. Street Fighter forever. Have been getting CS > FADC > CS in 20 tries lately instead of 80. =)


hm u play on pc?


If your a cammy main add me

trying 2 get better in the lab


I’m looking to up my game. If anyone is down, hit me up on psn: RuInEr6969
I need to patch up holes in my play style