Top Cammy Players?


  • really want to play you. Is there any way that I can. I am PSN: Ultimatekaos. Can I possibly play you a few matches in Super!?!??!?!?!!?


the best player is sako hands down.


Can’t we all just get along?


Why is this thread revived? lol

Funny thing is, all the players on the Cammy forums have improved so much (in relation to when they made their posts in this thread a while back) that everyone is good (just look at Stein or James). Now you have top well known players like JWong, Combofiend, etc. playing Cammy as well.

IMHO, I think JWong is the best Cammy (best spacing I’ve seen from a Cammy player). Sako is also an amazing Cammy from Japan. Many great Cammy players out there with potential.


Don’t forget about the Fisher Price? champ.


this thread was full of lols …

(whatever happened to Alexanima?? :confused: )



can anyone help me train with cammy? i dont have any friends that use her so id really appreCiate the help.


I’m not the best but for a Girl player I’m good to be at least in the top 10 cammy players