Top Chars in TVC

Who are they? Just wondering.

All of them are really good.

The only character you’ll have trouble winning with consecutively is Gold Lightan.

Really? It’s too young for tier lists? Sweet. then I really will be in on the ground floor.
Or is it just that balanced?

Tekkaman Blade is really fucking good if you’re looking for a solid all around character.

Tekkaman Blade

All of these are pretty easy to use and win with.

Kind of both. Capcom has been bragging that it’s their most balanced fighter to date. And I believe it.

i also feel the character balance is quite good in this game. only particularly outstanding character that comes to mind is tekkaman blade. a damn monster in the right hands, and still dangerous in the hands of a laggy button masher noob

Zero/Tek Blade with a wiimote


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