Top Colossus teams

to start off colossus is a very strong character, he has the second best defense in the game(next to Sentinel)and his super armor makes him nearly invisible :clap: . learn to use to abuse this, well of course with a good assist to back him up such as sentinel :tup:. He is my favriote X-Men in the comics and the game as well, but not my favriote marvel character which is Magneto, not because he kicks ass in MvC2, he was my favriote already :rock:. for those who like comics i can tell you mostly any history of any marvel character/universe(not like ya’ll care)but its good to know about your character :tup: (i guess).

Yeah Ive been playing with Colossus for quite some time. But only till now that I made him my point character have i really done significant things.I usually play him with Capcom and Cyclops(both anti-air)or Sentinel(pro/grnd)and Capcom(anti). But yeah ill take you up on your resets and any other teams recommandations…Thanx

the best assist that is mostly used to back up colossus is Sentinel with his ground assist.
when you send out sentinel with his assist sentinel force, gives you the chance to power up with colossus. then send out sentinel again and go over the opponent and try to grab or do a reguler jump and when your barely about to hit the ground do a feirce or roundhouse, and if you get a hit,land dash launch and do the air combo from there.
it is just simple and basic shit:wgrin:.
one of his best assist is cyclops,sentinel,storm(variey,for crossups)magnetos assist.
with magnetos assist before the game starts, send him out fast and do super armor, this causes opponent at beginning of the game to either get hit or block, they should get hit if they dash at you.
good assist-sentinel/ground(of course), Capcomm/AAA,cyclops/AAA,doctor doom/AAA,spiral/ground,black heart/AAA, rogue/throw type,cable/AAA,storm/variety,magneto/proj.
when playing with magneto and you have colossus out, try to jump and HP a lot, while you are doing that try to send out magneto, which hits them with an EM-Disrupter, if they attack magneto, quickly get behind the character and launch his ass :badboy: with an air combo, if you do it right?
oh yeah one more thing Colossus has a guard break, it is very simple it is just j.F+HP before the opponent touches the ground:wgrin:.

hope this helps:tup:


Im up for any Col help! I used him on point this weekend, with Sent (drones) Cable (scimitar).

I thought the MSP team would kill me but woohoo the power overwhelmed the pixies.

For rush down/ground combos what do yall prefer? I like running and HK, or, Cost after a awhile do you random run up then tackle. Simple but it works abit.

The basic HK jump magic tackle took half Magnetos life. ARGH!

Remember power isn’t everything, it is also strategy, of how you use it. When playing with colossus against a fast character, try to send out your assist to help you, send them out to much and might end up dead so be careful. also colossus guard break helps as well. it is j.F+HP before they hit the ground, when that is done, launch his ass and do the air combo with the following power dive(PD).:tup:. + if you do a guard break then do an air combo + the following PD at the corner can do ugly damage, especially to weak characters, so magneto can suffer his wrath. :badboy: :devil:

there are no top Colossus teams really. he only works as an assist sorry =\

most ghetto cross up - drones,, Tigerknee Shoulder Barge, land behind them launch whatever :smiley:

yeah,there ain’t really top colossus teams just more of whatever people go good with him.:wgrin:

tiger knee lk tackle.


top Colossus teams

1 Colossus(D)Doom(AA)Cable(AA))
2 Colossus(D)Cable(AA)Sentinel(G)

hulk,juggy,colossus is a dope ass team imo. especially when juggy is glitched. and don’t forget that triple team’s simply disgusting.

Collosus Sentinel Jugger All The Way

you can destroy msp wit sentinel, colossus and commando…also cable teams. Colossus on dash assist murders psylock and commando assist…

yea colossus is good. one time I beat this guy who had IM WM and sentinel with colossus & hulk (both dash) and IM anti air. I just kept rushin’ sentinel’s big ass down with colossus.and hulk’s regular moves do chip damage, so i kept rushin down and calling IM AA asist. also, colossus(dash)/snetinel(ground) and storm (proj) or doom(AA) is good. Just rush down with colossus. and keep on doing the hyper armor super and building meter if they run away/ block. One time this mag player kept doing low short and calling psylocke AA every 3 seconds, so I activated hyper armor and I launched psylocke and did colossus’ bread and butter combo( ending with super dive special) and it took off like more than half her life. doom pretty much helps anybody rush down, as everybody knows. I just build up meter and when i switch in Colossus i activate hyper armor and proceed to rush down and call out doom. I got a question about TK lk tackle though. Are you totally safe if you do it close by/ or without doom or sent ground assist backing you up? I’m not sure if people can punish it if you do tk tackle up close and without assist covering you.

1 mo thing, you can do easy crossups with storm on point. If you’re standing near the other fighter just jump over and dash while calling colossus anti air assist( diagonal tackle). This is good not only for the damage, but also because colossus anti air (unlike colossus dash) sends them flying to the top of the screen in hit stun for a long time (they disappear past the top of the screen and until they reach the top they’re in hit stun) Because of the long hit stun colossus AA connects into hailstorm. just jump over +dash call coll and do hailstorm super, they’ll probably block the wrong way and get hit by coll and then hailstorm. Col AA is also good for keeping those sentinels out of the air, the angle is perfect to hit flying sentinels.

Colossus and Cyclops make a pretty good team as well, when you send out cyke for an assist and the opponent blocks or something it gives you time to do super armor and rush them down, because of coarse there going to end up running away, just build meter.
another hurtful team will be Colossus and Tronne, man take away a lot of damage when you trip into lk tackle and while they get hit by the Tronne assist.

one time i played against somebody and won with a team of colossus sentinel and gambit. Mainly Colossus and Sent is a good team, and you can add whoever for the 3rd character. Anyways I beat that guy then I started playin the computer and i got a perfect against the computer w/ that team. The only time i ever got a perfect, and the only person i used in the match was colossus. I just kept calling Sentinel ground assist and rushdown with col and did colossus’ air combo. Didnt even need to use gambit or sent.

anyways a good colossus team is colossus/storm/doom. U can start off the match with colossus and keep doing tiger knee lk tackles and calling doom rocks. One time I was playin somebody and they called out cammy AA assist and they were in the corner, after she landed i did the air combo with tackleXX power dive it took off like 90 percent of cammy’s life. Another good thing about colossus/storm is that his super is a instant startup super, so sometimes if they get by dooms rocks and i want to switch in storm quickly, i do power dive and dhc into hailstorm and they get hit by the hailstorm cuz theres like no delay for the super when it comes out DHC’ed.

colossus(dash), juggz (variety), jin (expansion)

headcrush with colossus xx headcrush or fist. this team does major damage.

Yea another team like that is jin AA/Jug dash/ thanos capture, all it takes is two crouching short kicks with thanos then A1+A2 takes off alot . also IM/hulk/jug(glitched) team super hurts like hell. :karate:

hulk, juggz, bb hood team super kills everyone, I think

Colossus B Sent Y And Juggs Y Owns Everyone