Top Fei players here probably already know this, but

With the exception of a quick post here and there, the boards have been a bit quiet lately, so I thought I’d start some conversation.

This came up while chatting online with a friend while playing him in Endless (his main is Cody, and he is way better than me):

“…have you ever been locked in a dark place with no flashlight, no gear, no weapon.
just the feint sound of dripping water and something large scurrying
thats you when [I’m] in the corner
it is a compliment.”

That’s when I realized that lately, I wasn’t going all HAM when I got my opponent in the corner, i.e., charge in, lk/lp/frame trap/Rekka pressure. When first using Fei, I’d try and go nuts when I finally got my opponent there and they would either escape or I’d eat big damage from a FA/neutral jump/etc. Watching replays of top Fei players, they usually don’t go nuts, either (with the rare exception). They stay a short distance away, sit, and wait; Fei’s already stellar footsie game becomes even more dangerous in the corner. This is congruous to this. Not sure why it took me so damn long to figure it out, but better late than never, right?

Actually, I think I do know why it took me longer to realize this. When he has me in the corner with Cody, Cody’s design is to go HAM with frame traps, etc.; so when I got him in the corner with Fei, I’d try to do the same thing and got punished hard for it. Not that I’m going the other way - staying back a bit, keeping my opponent in “a deep, dark place” - it works better for Fei because of the way he’s designed. Also, while watching videos and such, I was so focused on combos, OS’s, etc. (the “highlights”) that I wasn’t watching what set up those highlights. It’s very much like watching SportsCenter; you only see the highlights but oftentimes the inner workings are not shown, which is much more important.

Just thought I’d share it. Now I’ll always think of that quote whenever I use Fei Long (which will be often because I’ve mained him since I started with Super). Agree? Disagree?

… Yes. Fei is dangerous in the corner. Rekkas put the opponent in or close to the corner.

It all makes sense now