Top Fighter SNES

I’m thinking of getting a SNES to usb adapter to try this old school stick I pulled out of storage. I may get some flack playing with a programmable stick but hey I suck enough that it doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

From what I can remember its not the greatest but may make a good platform for some customizing

Never seen one of those before… might be cool with some decent buttons and a good stick tho!

l too have been looking for a SNES to USB adapter for one of these. But have now decided to modify mine to USB instead, since there is a good possibility that may not always work due to the constant system updates.
By the way have you modified yours? If you have l would be interested in your experiences. :wgrin:

Looks like you might be able to fit 24mm buttons in there with little issue. That stick looks weird as all hell though.

What do you mean? looks weird as all hell :wgrin: