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Alright with all the hype of the new games and games that are coming out. There is so much discussion about all them and so much change of heart these days. I hear some people getting upset with so much. I’d like to hear personally from you all of you guys as the public.The public voice is much stronger than anything. I’m hearing so many people dropping Street Fighter 4 these days and playing the new KOF and all kinds of reason why they play certain games. Of course people will always play sf4 but a lot of people are just tired of come back factors in the new games. It really is upsetting sometimes when your beating someone down and all they do is hit you with one ultra and take you out situation… it’s like a WTF moment… haha. But anyways what is your take on it and how things should go or how would you like to see games go. Like what is the biggest games and what game are you focusing on more now these days and maybe did you drop one to go to another. Why? I wana hear it. So do other people. I’m sure.

Threads may have been created like this before, but I’m not going to go through page after page to see if one exist. Just wana say thanks for you opinion and your time. I just wana see how the future of certain games are going and what could, can, or maybe happen.

This is where you fucked up.

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k… Let me correct myself. So I dont “FUCK” up again. Didn’t know i couldn’t post something in general discussion on a fighting game website about fighting games… Let me fix this right now.

to be fair, the gd opinion is different than the fgd opinion so we would likely have different results (maybe not by a huge margin but still).

i’m saying kof13, no contest.

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Forums state what they are for, GD is for everything but fighting games discussion (and spamming the latest youtube video you favourited)

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It’s like people don’t even try anymore.