Top five songs you listen to when you are playing ssf4

i was just wondering what everybody is listening when they play ssf4

for me

  1. ludacris - do the right thing

  2. little brother - watch me

  3. Jay -z-ignorant shit

  4. ludacris ft nas jayz i do it for hip hop

  5. kanye west through the wire

i dont know what it is when i listen to these songs when i play it makes me so much better. like when i am listening to the first song and luda is saying " use yeah brain homie do the right thang" like i dont jump, i bait better ,and my mind games and execution gets better. so let me know what your listen to and what effect it has on you.

  1. In
  2. Dee
  3. Struck
  4. Da
  5. Bull